Why Mr. Godrej and DBS are Very, Very Wrong

A DBS Report says India will be among the ten Asian Countries that would surpass the United States by 2030 - that is, in just 12 years. Does that excite you? Doesn’t it appear even better than the prediction of Adi Godrej in August last year that India will be the largest economy by 2050? … Continue reading Why Mr. Godrej and DBS are Very, Very Wrong

Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?

Will there be a war? “There’s every indication that Assad did it,” said Theresa May, the Prime Minister of UK. She was paraphrasing Bush’s side-kick Tony Blair who said he had solid proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. In truth there is no indication, whatever, that Assad gassed his own people.   Assad … Continue reading Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?


HOW JESUS SAVED Mrs. FRANKSON It happened in a place called Kazipet some 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. It's a small town  with  a Catholic Church and  a convent, a popular Christian Hospital and separate schools for girls and boys. all in a row. Round the corner at the end of the dirt  road was a popular  Muslim  saint's Dargah.  A  lot … Continue reading HOW JESUS SAVED Mrs. FRANKSON


  (This blog was first posted in March 2015 but for a couple of minor additions) A former Justice of the Supreme Court of India,  Markandeya Katju, given to sensational statements even while on the bench, said four days ago that Mahatma Gandhi became a British agent by injecting religion into freedom struggle and that … Continue reading KATJU, JAITLEY, RAMDEV AND THE MAHATMA


The Background Jawaharlal University, New Delhi, is one of the top Universities of India. Several military colleges and schools proudly bear accreditation to JNU.  Indian Administrative Service trainee officers on completion of their course are awarded a Master’s degree by this University which boasts of some 8000 students in all disciplines of knowledge and has  … Continue reading THE KANHAIYA STORY