Big Bang Theory For the Layman (but not Dummies)

In the days when science, philosophy and theology came packed in one envelope, our ancients conceived a substantially common model of the universe which only differed a little from place to place, from time to time and from one concept of God to another. The model was the most obvious and easily conceivable – a … Continue reading Big Bang Theory For the Layman (but not Dummies)

Science simplified : Meaning of E=MC^2

Susana Prieta,  a good Facebook friend of mine, asked me: “So, Vishu Menon  can you explain e=mc^2 to me in easy to understand terms." This is Einstein’s equation that relates energy content and mass of any body (which Einstein qualified  as inertial body, but all bodies that we shall ever encounter are inertial bodies.) It … Continue reading Science simplified : Meaning of E=MC^2

How Mr. Modi destroyed Balakot

When the wise Prime Minister walked in promenading his 56 inches, the Air Chief, Vice Chief, AOC-in-C W A C , and the pick of the best pilots stood up. The PM had previously instructed that nobody should touch his feet. For that reason alone, they saluted. FLY ABOVE THE CLOUDS Military aviation expertise from … Continue reading How Mr. Modi destroyed Balakot

Thus spake the Judge: Sabarimala is no Hindu Temple.

And the Learned Lady was right. Majority Judgment On 28th September, 2018, the Supreme Court of India made a landmark judgment allowing women of all ages to enter and worship at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, and Justice Khanwilkar in a single judgment, Justice Chandrachud and Justice Rohinton Nariman in separate … Continue reading Thus spake the Judge: Sabarimala is no Hindu Temple.