If I were a true Hindu, I would worship many gods and goddesses, whose images I could  find under trees, in beautifully carved granite temples, in huge caves, on the roadsides, and on  pictures printed on calendars. Yet I would also believe that there is only one God, a Supreme Being who is formless, blameless, … Continue reading LORD SHIVA’S QUANTUM RIDDLE


My  new-found friend  Nelson Jacob, who works in a toy factory but also  preaches on the sly in a non-preachable and peaceful Country where we both live to earn a living, told me about my fate after death.  While thus foretelling my doom, he kept staring suggestively at my white beard, wrinkles under the chin … Continue reading WHY I’LL CONVERT WHEN TED CRUZ IS PRESIDENT


The Background Jawaharlal University, New Delhi, is one of the top Universities of India. Several military colleges and schools proudly bear accreditation to JNU.  Indian Administrative Service trainee officers on completion of their course are awarded a Master’s degree by this University which boasts of some 8000 students in all disciplines of knowledge and has  … Continue reading THE KANHAIYA STORY


The current agitations and farcical trials in India are reminiscent of Saudi Arabian decapitation trials and Iranian trials against female volley ball watchers. Kashmiris continue to seethe with anger and distrust when they remember the execution of a possibly innocent man by the erstwhile Congress Government to score an electoral point in the rest of … Continue reading ARE THEY ALL ANTI-NATIONALS?

How A Bishop’s Visit To The PM Demonstrates India’s Religious Harmony

His Grace Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom and the Greatest Ever Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Damodardas  Modi spent (some) time together, says a tweet by Mr. Modi himself. A photo attached to the tweet shows the two holding hands in the best of India's great traditions. The Bishop (or Metropolitan) heads  the Marthoma Syrian Diocese. … Continue reading How A Bishop’s Visit To The PM Demonstrates India’s Religious Harmony