What good did British Raj do to India?

Listen to Shashi Tharoor, the man who should have been Secretary General of the United Nations

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Parent guidance recommended



Why you mustn’t roast a roach

Hitler was a true Christian till his death and believed that by annihilating Jews, he was finishing the job that Jesus began.

For his “Doing my duty to Jesus,”

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He proves there is God

(and fails)



The edicts of an Unforgiving God


How Prophet corrected the Bible


You are no jealous father

CREATION IN HINDU BELIEFS Philosophies of many Gods


Are we computer simulations?


Choose none and live in peace


Jailed for helping the downtrodden fight back


Yes, but He hates vegetables

and loves Oxen

ARE ALL MUSLIMS TERRORISTS? A foolish debate on Quora.com


Some true, others nearly true


Blessing and the curse


Deadly nations &
terrible leaders


The insulted & the injured


 Part of  human


 Is it  all in
the scriptures?


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  1. Those unvalid scientific answers given by u does not even stand anywhere…….u have asked how muslim Scientist’s have measured the distances somewhere in FAMOUS ASTRONAUTS AND SCEINCE BLOG ,will u please tell me how scientists of world had measured them…..
    2. The detail given by u about variation of magnetic feild around Mecca isn’t correct….how could u assign neutral points on earth’s surface assuming that they. changes afterwhile shortly……
    3.do you know the principle on which an oscillograph works…when u receives an information about cosmic radiation cross earth all your devices stop working at
    same times then how could u measure the rAdn coming from mecca for which u have no information and no device……stop questioning islam …the day u realise it ..u would certainly realise truth….time is still at disposal….


  2. Hi Vishumenon,
    Just came accross your website. You seem to be a nice,logical,scientific, atheist kind of guy(if i am not mistaken). I believe I am not mistaken whats stopping you to accept Islam then?


    1. Good question, Hashmi. I am not an atheist; I have so many logical reasons to believe that creation has to have an intelligence behind it. Yes, I try to apply logic, as much as I know it, to my line of thinking. Yes, too, I spend a lot of time trying to understand physical sciences. These are the very reasons why I do not accept Islam.

      I do not believe that the enormity of God can be limited to a hugely misused Arabic name Allah.
      I do not believe that God can be of such a closed mind that he would punish till eternity someone who says he does not understand God or that there may be other gods. God, I believe, would be far above such mean thoughts that can only occur to Man.
      The book does not convince me that God sends down an angel to tell his messenger that it is OK to marry the wife of his adopted son.
      I do not believe that holding up the sky without a pillar is a miracle of God. I know that it is an optical illusion.
      I do not believe that God would tell his messenger that he spread out the earth as a carpet and placed mountains on top of it like paper weights. I know that Earth is a spherical planet, and that mountains are some volcanic eruptions, others erupted out of tectonic clashes.
      I do not believe that sun rises from a muddy swamp in the East and sets on another muddy swamp in the West.
      I believe that a thousand lies and two hundred misinterpretations cannot make erroneous statements right. Zakir Naik quoted 29 verses to show that the Book mentions water cycle. None of them does. Each one of them only mentions a one-way traffic of water from the clouds to earth. So with all other ‘scientific’ interpretations.
      I have similar reasons for not being in any religion – not even the one into which I was born. That is why I am not an atheist, but irreligious.
      I hope I answered your question. Do not mind, you asked, and I answered.

      Let us all live by Sura 109 (Al-Kāfirūn) that I quoted in the blog.


  3. Hi Vishu,
    I am glad you understand Sura 109.
    So Iam hopefull and Allah willing you will understand the other verses also that right now you have doubt with.


  4. Sura 109 is for Kafirs. By definition, I am one. Thinking Kafirs remain that way because they understand the other verses as well. Your religion is an accident of your birth. I healed myself from my accident when I grew up.


  5. Many kafirs accepeted Islam because they understood better. because they ponder over the verses with an open mind.
    Since you believe in Allah(Al means the, lah derived from ilah meaning lord), You are not entirely a kafir and i do not understand why you say misused term.
    It just a matter of understanding.
    My religion is a mercy from my lord and I do not require any spiritual healing
    though ofcourse I require spiritual elevation.
    Your birth is also a mercy for you to ponder over your existence
    and ponder over who created all that exists. Since you believe God,
    don’t you also believe can God be so ignorant to let us put on earth without any purpose?
    Do you believe that supreme being would not let us know and guide our path towards eternal success?
    Had God been selfish, He would have commanded all of us including you to leave everything apart and just worship Him.
    But he set for us responsiblities, obligations. Obligations towards society and obligations towards God.
    This is the beauty of Islam. Unlike any other religion, It is only Islam which truely defines what is good for us
    and what is bad for us because Allah is so much merciful that he did not put us in vain by simply creating us.
    I mean think logically, There is set defined way of everything that exists. Everything is bound to follow one law or the other.
    So we human beings are also required to follow the law of the supreme being. How do we know that? The Quran is the answer.


  6. If you are logical enough, the points you mention apply to every religion and its respective concept of god. To a dot

    So, once again, apply the wisdom of what your prophet revealed in Sura 109 – leave the Kafirs alone so they would leave you alone.

    Thanks for reading and reacting.


  7. you got it wrong here. It can only apply to a true religion. If you have read carefully, there is only one God. There is only one concept of God. Other concepts are man made. And I am sure that your irreligiousness accounts to the concept of God in your religion that you were born with. Since you believe in one God , I assume you are logical enough to discard idol worship and other related misconceptions pertaining to God


    1. Thanks, Michelle for the valuable suggestion. I confess the scantiness of readership in the statistics reports often makes an attempt to break my heart.


    2. I am not sure that your Mark McMillion would moderate and publish my comment. So here it is:

      Nice trick, Mark, but I expected something like this. Now that you are blessed with the true revelation, you could tell me : which of the 1,700 churches of followers of the Biblical prophesies you would like me to attach myself to – Roman Catholics, Calvinists, Reformists, Dutch Reformists, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecosts, Quakers, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptics, Nicolaitans. Simonians, Intelligent designs, Man of War, Latter Day Saints …..Oh, can’t list the whole lot, can I?…. or should that be the Ku Klux Klan?


    1. Dear George Veerghese,
      I visited both the sites you mention. One was more of an ad for a book named ‘Complete Bible Answer Book” (rather lame grammar – as if it was a Google translation from Chinese, don’t you think?) and the other one Ravi Zacharia’s travel adventures. If Bible was dicted by God for man’s understanding, why would it need a human interpreter to understand it amuses more than it baffles me. By the way, George, Christianity – whether Catholic or one of the two hundred denominations of protestantism, God is a Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. You can explain that away by saying that the Trinity is One just as Hindu Babas say that their thousands of gods are manifestations of one God. Anything to fool a half-fool is religion. One that says it is OK to sin, because Jesus will save you in the end if you go to him.

      Thanks for reading my blogs. Regardless of the content, your comments will be published. Do comment on the next one coming up – and, before that, an old one that was inspired by a dialogue between two men I admire – Dr. Daniel Babu Paul and (sadly, Late) TN Gopakumar. You can look it up at https://vishumenon.com/2011/06/28/asianet-babu-paul-and-the-church/


  8. Can’t keep answering nonsensical claims. I was witness to the burial of at least three ‘martyr’s in the cause of Pakistan. in what was then East Pakistan (soon to be Bangla Desh). It was probably three days after they were killed by the ‘Mukti Bahini’, but the bodies stank to high heavens. We can probably get permission from a court to dig up the body of Ajmal Kasab who was hanged by in India. Kasab, after all, was on a holy Islamic cause when he took part in the carnage of 164 ‘Kaffirs’. Or the bodies of the Pak soldiers who died in Kargil. Why not, to make the whole world convert to Islam at one go, open the grave of the Prophet in Medina and show that his body still intact anf full-blooded after more than 1000 years? Or why not dig up a hudred bodies of martyrs in public view and prove your point? I will be the first one become a Muslim.

    Nobody would do that. Religions thrive on blatant lies.


  9. Dear Brother, whatever you believe or talk hatred against any religion, but please do one thing for me. Love your neighbour just as you love yourself. Thank you.


    1. Dear John,

      I love comments such as yours. They give me the confidence that my blogs are read. Thank you.

      Hatred comes from religious beliefs. Old Testament is the bickerings and call to genocide of a God who calls himself jealous. Quran calls for smiting non=-believers and stoning of infidels. Mahabharata is filled with deceipts, murders and fratricides aided by the supreme godhead.

      Reformists hating Catholics. Sunnis killing Shias. Muslims against Hindus, Hindus against Muslims. Christians bombing Muslim civilians. Muslims beheading all the rest in the name of Allah the greatest. Crusades for three hundred years, Inquisitions, burning of women alive in the name of a God who said thou shalt not suffer a witch to die – that for three hundred years. Crusades. Jihads. Persecution of Jews through more than two millennia for a crime that was supposed to have been planned and executed by God to save the mankind by the sacrifice of his begotten son.
      I had heard of a Billy Graham blessing five Presidents to go into distant Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq and several other nations and to bomb their civlians and freedom fighters, visiting the killers in their hospitals and praying for them, while the wives and children of the victims of napalm bombs lay dying.

      I had never heard of Bertrand Russel, Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins or any atheist killing or or even hurting anyone. Your faith makes you believe that whatever crime you might commit, you’d be forgiven because Jesus loves you. He wouldn’t. He was the one who got mad at a tree and cursed it to death for not giving him a fruit when it wasn’t the season!

      Don’t just love your neighbour. Love mankind – whatever their foolish faith and wherever they live. Love expecting no reward, for there is no heaven and there is no hell. God hides himself from mankind because he doesn’t exist. Real Jesus might have been an idealist born at the wrong time, and propped up by Paul to serve the vested interests of a few, but the Jesus of revelation is a cruel lamb with seven horns and scrolls filled with blood and vengeance. It is a dream of the believers rejoicing when their feet are bathing in the blood of non-believers. Non-believers have no such illusion. Because they love for the sake of love, not for a reward after they are dead.


  10. @Vishnu Try to see from your heart, you might get to see the reality.
    your mind will always lead you to the wrong way.

    There are logical and Illogical explanations all the the world about the existense and non existense of god(Islamic,christian,hinduism)

    feel and follow or follow and feel.


    1. Heart is a two-way pump incapable of seeing (because optical nerves do not connect to it), feeling, deciding or following anything. It does respond to the flee-or-fight needs of the brain- giving faster or slower blood supply to the brain when in need. To ask the heart to do the thinking is akin to asking the delivery boy to think for the managing director.

      Sorry, can’t accept your naive suggestion. Nevertheless, thanks for reading and commenting.


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