Article 370 – Unique and Precious

Article 370 of India's Constitution is a solemn pledge the rest of India gave to the citizens of Kashmir State under a unique agreement on its accession to India. Then Governor General of India Mountbatten signed it, Prime MinisterNehru and Home Minister Vallabhai Patel assented to it, Sheikh Abdullah agreed to it, the Constituent Assembly … Continue reading Article 370 – Unique and Precious

Why Mr. Godrej and DBS are Very, Very Wrong

A DBS Report says India will be among the ten Asian Countries that would surpass the United States by 2030 - that is, in just 12 years. Does that excite you? Doesn’t it appear even better than the prediction of Adi Godrej in August last year that India will be the largest economy by 2050? … Continue reading Why Mr. Godrej and DBS are Very, Very Wrong


Our universe knows no laws, nor cares for any. Its elements have their intrinsic qualities derived from their origin in what is euphemistically known as the Big Bang.           Laws of Physics are humankind’s attempt to understand, employ and make predictions based on those intrinsic qualities. All such laws are conditional, … Continue reading DID GOD MAKE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS?

God is not above Space Matter and Time

This blog is a reviewed and revised version of a 2017 blog of similar name.. This question arose in mind when I came across a video where Kent Hovind, the supreme Christian fundamentalist-evangelist answered the question, “where does God come from” by a slip-shod answer that God of the Bible exists outside time, space and … Continue reading God is not above Space Matter and Time

Should you be nuclear-armed?

I was asked this question: Why should Russia be nuclear-armed? Sounds silly? No. many of those who have nukes wonder why their power should be neutralized by others.. India and Pakistan, Iran and Israel, Kim Jong-Un the rocketman and Donald Trump the madman have been asking this question against each other. Power of genocide blocks … Continue reading Should you be nuclear-armed?

Can there be free will without God?

How can atheists, agnostics or rationalists explain Free Will if they don't believe in God?  This is a question frequently asked by Christian side of a debate with people who openly profess atheism. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy begins its multiple interpretation of Free Will by defining it thus: “Free Will” is a philosophical term of … Continue reading Can there be free will without God?