What Surah should you recite on Friday?

Surah Kafirun - “109. Oh disbelievers, I do no worship which you worship Nor do you worship the One whom I worship Neither am I going to worship what you worshipped Nor will you worship the one whom l I worship For you is your faith, for me mine” The one and only sensible Surah … Continue reading What Surah should you recite on Friday?

Why do scientists still believe in Jesus?

  In a 1998 Survey of the National Association of scientists in the US, only 50% responded - the other 50 probably did not think it worth responding - and the results are as given above. I took this screen shot from the video of a lecture by Dr. Terry Mortenson, a Geologist who believed … Continue reading Why do scientists still believe in Jesus?

Was 9/11 an insider job?

Is the inner sanctum of our federal government so untouchable that it can literally murder its own citizens without any retribution (such as the tragedy of 9/11) even with thousands of infallible testimonies proving that it was an inside job? (Quora.com) Answered Nov 26 I can only answer this question if I am told what … Continue reading Was 9/11 an insider job?

More Questions answered on atheism.

  1. As an atheist, what stops me from harming my neighbour when I am said to have no moral high ground from any so-called "Gods"? You are obviously no atheist; you are one of those who like to propagate that this is what atheists like to say. Atheists truly stand on a better moral high ground … Continue reading More Questions answered on atheism.

To what extent was Nazism influenced by atheism?

 First appeared in Quora.com To connect Nazism with atheism is a priestly lie of inquisitional proportions. Adolf Hitler had made it very clear in his Mein Kampf that he was a Christian, that he wished for the unification of Catholicism and Protestantism. Goebbels was a self-proclaimed atheist, as are some conservatives in the UK and … Continue reading To what extent was Nazism influenced by atheism?


Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore is as much a historic fact as Shakauntala of Kalidasa was. The latter, at least, finds passing mention in the ancient epic, Mahabharata . Padmavati story has no such scriptural background. Padmavati, if you imagine that she existed, was neither a Rajput and, by being of non-Indian origin, nor a … Continue reading A HUNDRED MILLION FATWA FOR PADMAVATI