Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?

Will there be a war? “There’s every indication that Assad did it,” said Theresa May, the Prime Minister of UK. She was paraphrasing Bush’s side-kick Tony Blair who said he had solid proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. In truth there is no indication, whatever, that Assad gassed his own people.   Assad … Continue reading Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?


How can atheists, agnostics or rationalists explain Free Will if they don't believe in God?   This is a question frequently asked by Christian side of a debate with people who openly profess atheism. Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy begins its multiple interpretation of Free Will by defining it thus: “Free Will” is a philosophical term … Continue reading ABRAHAMIC GOD AND FREE WILL

Why Trump Is A Natural For Setting Off A Nuke war

Do they really want to get rid of the immigrant menace in Europe? Don't tell me. If they do, the right and the most obvious thing to do in the much-beleaguered Syria is that all the warring parties other than Islamic State (and Erdogan’s Turkey) join together to defeat the Islamic State and then call … Continue reading Why Trump Is A Natural For Setting Off A Nuke war


This is my reply to the latest and  interesting comment I received to my  eight-year-old yet still widely read blog, Famous Astronauts and Good Faith. Comment: "today i read an article regarding the location of kaaba in mecca is conforming to the magic number or universal number or golden number or creator’s no of 1.618(fibonacci … Continue reading IS MECCA DIVINELY LOCATED?

How do we know that the Big Bang Happened?

When you notice something out of the ordinary,  you apply your mind to it. Unless your have a mind that is rendered prejudicial with immovable religious dictates, you consider all the possibilities that made it extraordinary. Then you choose the probability that stands tall as against all the others. Now you have a hypothesis. You … Continue reading How do we know that the Big Bang Happened?


Mr. Suraj Pal Amu has been offered virtual support by all the chief ministers of Indian states ruled by the Hindu-right BJP party, bossed over by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. The Hindu fatwa is on the producer-director and actors of a yet-to-be released film named Padmavati. Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore … Continue reading PADMAVATI – THE TRUE STORY


Who is responsible for the prevalent Islamophobia - the sporadic violence and murders in the name of Islam or historic Christian hatred of Muslims in general? https://www.jihadwatch.org/2017/08/italy-muslim-migrant-screams-allahu-akbar-we-will-kill-you-all-at-police-hails-barcelona-massacre Islamophobia means fear of Islam. This fear is real; it exists in places where Islam is the majority religion; also in places where the practitioners of the religion … Continue reading ISLAMOPHOBIA – REAL AND SURREAL