Goodbye, Mr. Yew.

"Singaporeans, whatever your religion, whatever your race, you are Singaporeans first and foremost" - Singapore : Just as diverse as India in religion, race or  colour of skin, You never heard of a riot since 1864 barring one that happened in Little India. Singapore : The second Asian  Country listed among the "First World", next … Continue reading Goodbye, Mr. Yew.


A former Justice of the Supreme Court of India,  Markandeya Katju, given to sensational statements even while on the bench, said four days ago that Mahatma Gandhi became a British agent by injecting religion into freedom struggle and that Subhash Chandra Bose was a Japanese agent. Members of Parliament wanted FIR filed against Katju. Bose … Continue reading KATJU, JAITLEY AND THE MAHATMA