Is your microwave oven dangerous?

A Mexican friend of my daughter refused to eat rice that was heated in a microwave oven. "Microwave causes radiation, which is dangerous to life," she said knowledgeably. I tried to explain the fallacious ignorance behind her belief. Her mind was made up, she didn't want an explanation. Perhaps this post could be of help … Continue reading Is your microwave oven dangerous?

I am Sorry if Atheism Hurts

Sorry, My Dear, if it hurts. At a time when Zakir Naik was flitting about the Country promoting his religion by reciting quotations from Hindu scriptures and the Bible, but also inventing his own interpretations of Islamic tenets , he was warned by a group of the so-called Islamic scholars thus : “You can speak … Continue reading I am Sorry if Atheism Hurts

Jesus and Matthew : The True story

When Jesus was speaking to the crowd, someone said aloud: “Look, Lord, Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.”  Visibly offended, Jesus replied, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” Pointing to the crowd of followers, He said: “These are my Mothers and my brothers.” The crowd clapped their hands and chanted, “Praise the Lord. Son of … Continue reading Jesus and Matthew : The True story

Pakistan’s dirty smart bomb

Why is the Pakistan minister saying that they have a smart bomb, and how do they have smart nuclear bombs? This is proof that the tendency to jabber is not limited to India’s BJP ministers. However, our military intelligence would surely take note and would not discount the possibility of such a foolish adventure by … Continue reading Pakistan’s dirty smart bomb

Big Bang Theory For the Layman (but not Dummies)

In the days when science, philosophy and theology came packed in one envelope, our ancients conceived a substantially common model of the universe which only differed a little from place to place, from time to time and from one concept of God to another. The model was the most obvious and easily conceivable – a … Continue reading Big Bang Theory For the Layman (but not Dummies)

Science simplified : Meaning of E=MC^2

Susana Prieta,  a good Facebook friend of mine, asked me: “So, Vishu Menon  can you explain e=mc^2 to me in easy to understand terms." This is Einstein’s equation that relates energy content and mass of any body (which Einstein qualified  as inertial body, but all bodies that we shall ever encounter are inertial bodies.) It … Continue reading Science simplified : Meaning of E=MC^2