Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore is as much a historic fact as Shakauntala of Kalidasa was. The latter, at least, finds passing mention in the ancient epic, Mahabharata . Padmavati story has no such scriptural background. Padmavati, if you imagine that she existed, was neither a Rajput and, by being of non-Indian origin, nor a … Continue reading A HUNDRED MILLION FATWA FOR PADMAVATI

Can An Atheist be White Supremacist?

This was question put to me by a 'god-fearing' friend. Why he feared his God, I do not know. If knew a God I would rather love him or her. Although no possibility can be excluded when it comes to human conduct, I think an atheist being a white supremacist, or racist would be quite … Continue reading Can An Atheist be White Supremacist?

Mr. Modi, stop lying.

Autonomy for Kashmir is the language of the Constitution, not of Kashmiri "terrorists" or Pakistan. In truth, Pakistan would vehemently oppose an autonomous Kashmir as a part of India just as Xingjian province, Hong Kong and Macau are autonomous regions under China. China honored its covenants;  governments of India - whether Congress or BJP or … Continue reading Mr. Modi, stop lying.