At 11:28 sharp on 4th December 1971, the civilian truck  bearing me in the garb of a truck cleaner stopped at the gate  barrier of an Air Force Station deep in the Eastern front. Twelve civilian trucks, carrying armaments  enough to devastate half a country hidden behind hay stacks,  that had kept safe distances between each … Continue reading WHY I REMEMBER CORPORAL HUSSEIN

Motion is perpetual; Staticity is a forced aberration

Note: Note: This paper was first published as one among my Reference Pages a few years ago to contradict the Argument of motion proposed by Thomas Aquinas, an Italian Friar (1225 – 1274). as one among his Cosmological arguments in proof of the existence of God. . Aquinas’s argument of Motion that needed a Prime … Continue reading Motion is perpetual; Staticity is a forced aberration

Generations To Come Would Scarce Believe…

This October 2nd,  I passed the day attending an energetic and pious recitation of Lord Krishna’s legends of demon-killing  and his amorous ways with married women. No one appeared to reminisce the birth, 153 years ago,  of the man who gave his life for his avowed principle of  “Ishwar-Allah tero naam”  Nor of another man … Continue reading Generations To Come Would Scarce Believe…

Jesus & Matthew: The Part that Matthew Forgot

When Jesus was speaking to the crowd, someone said aloud: “Look, Lord, Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.”  Visibly offended, Jesus replied, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” Pointing to the crowd of followers, He said: “These are my Mothers and my brothers.” The crowd clapped their hands and chanted, “Praise the Lord. Son of … Continue reading Jesus & Matthew: The Part that Matthew Forgot


The country would soon get rid of Boris Johnson of unruly hairstyle and untidy verbosity. A few years ago, he said burqa-clad women reminded him of letter boxes. My answer on quora.com query : : Should Boris Johnson apologize for saying that burqa-lad women are like letterboxes? Rowan Atkinson, more ardently known as Mr. Bean, … Continue reading ONCE WHEN BORIS WAS RIGHT

Of Course, My Friend, God Loves You

Of course, my friend, Jesus loves you if you are from a particular brand of Christianity; Allah loves you if you are not Shiia or Ahmediya (or the other way round). Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Durga, Hanuman, Ganesh and Ayyappa love you jointly and severally depending on which part of the Country you hail from. Looking … Continue reading Of Course, My Friend, God Loves You

My Online Buy

2m · Shared with Public It happened something like this metaphorical event. I wanted a refrigerator. I looked up online. There were many models, all at incredible prices. I picked up the one that looked good, and only Rs.999. The photo showed a fly sitting on its top. The photographer should have been more careful, I thought. … Continue reading My Online Buy