What do Atheists Bring to the Plate?

This is how I answered a rather badly composed query that was posted on my timeline on the social media: The explosion of science in the 19th century was set off when atheism became an acceptable, if not entirely respectable way of thinking. Nobody pulled out the tongue and wired the jaws of Darwin, none … Continue reading What do Atheists Bring to the Plate?

My Facebook Fixation

Sorry, these are only some of my previous posts on FB, Somehow I feel that they have a current flavour and that they are worthy of being shown on these pages. Hence, here goes: Imagine there's no religion, the World is one: John Lennon, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q_YV49GH0g Frankly, this Oscar Wilde gem was borrowed from Facebook I … Continue reading My Facebook Fixation


Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the man of God, travelled from Kerala to far-North Jalandhar in Punjab to spread the good word. While thus servicing God, he also serviced a couple of nuns following the example set by the Holy Ghost some 33 years before Crucifixion. Bishop Franco continued having fun for a couple of years - … Continue reading BEWARE, THERE’S A PRIEST IN THE CHURCH