How Mr. Modi destroyed Balakot

When the wise Prime Minister walked in promenading his 56 inches, the Air Chief, Vice Chief, AOC-in-C W A C , and the pick of the best pilots stood up. The PM had previously instructed that nobody should touch his feet. For that reason alone, they saluted.

Military aviation expertise from Mr. Narendra Modi

So kya hum theyyar hai?” Are we ready? Asked the PM, raising the tail of his shirt and sitting down on the seat of his pyjamas.

The Air chief cringed. “Mananiy Pradhann Mantriji, our Anna data, (honourable Prime Minister, our food giver), we are ready, but…”

“But what?” asked the Prime Minister, his voice fraught with customary impatience.

The weather report is not good. One or two  cirrus clouds in the sky,” interjected  the AOC-in-C WAC with 35 years of flying 17 types of aircraft under the golden laurels of his  peak-cap. ’You see, sir, we pilots are not used to flying when there are clouds in the sky,”

The Prime Minister thought for a moment.

Bewkoofo,” (you idiots,) he said, ‘Why don’t you use your brains? You should drink cow urine every morning and do yoga like me.  Don’t you see, Cirrus or whatever shubhnam (good name)you call it, that bad weather means more clouds in the sky, so nobody will see you? Fly above the clouds, go bomb and come back, baas.” That’s all.

The Air Chief to the last Flight Lieutenant looked at each other as if asking why in all their 5000 to 15000 flying hours and fighting experience in at least 3 wars,  this magnificent idea had not occurred to them. Whoever heard of something stupid like a radar seeing through clouds?

Only one man, a young  flight lieutenant with a Cat-A golden wing pinned to his chest pocket, spoke up.

“Pradhamantri Mahoday, we’re not flying Zeppelins and they won’t be shooting catapults,..”

Then fly Jeppelins, Their catapults won’t see you through the clouds,” thundered the Prime Minister.

That’s how Balakot was bombed and the entire lot of terrorists in Pakistan was  wiped out in one go.

In every flying squadron in the IAF, you can see these words engraved in gold and hung up on the walls of their operations room:

Clouds would help us escape the enemy radars

– Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Don’t believe me? Ask Group Captain Tendulkar, IAF..


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