How Mr. Modi destroyed Balakot

When the wise Prime Minister walked in promenading his 56 inches, the Air Chief, Vice Chief, AOC-in-C W A C , and the pick of the best pilots stood up. The PM had previously instructed that nobody should touch his feet. For that reason alone, they saluted. FLY ABOVE THE CLOUDS Military aviation expertise from … Continue reading How Mr. Modi destroyed Balakot


Mr. Suraj Pal Amu has been offered virtual support by all the chief ministers of Indian states ruled by the Hindu-right BJP party, bossed over by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. The Hindu fatwa is on the producer-director and actors of a yet-to-be released film named Padmavati. Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore … Continue reading PADMAVATI – THE TRUE STORY


Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore is as much a historic fact as Shakauntala of Kalidasa was. The latter, at least, finds passing mention in the ancient epic, Mahabharata . Padmavati story has no such scriptural background. Padmavati, if you imagine that she existed, was neither a Rajput and, by being of non-Indian origin, nor a … Continue reading A HUNDRED MILLION FATWA FOR PADMAVATI

2000 Rupee  Notes Galore But No Money For a Funeral

A Jain lady, who voted for Modi’s party – primarily because she is from Gujarat and secondarily because – in her own words – he put those people in their place -  told me this: “Modi Saa’b is very brave. He takes big risks. That is OK.  I stood in a queue for two days, … Continue reading 2000 Rupee  Notes Galore But No Money For a Funeral


The Background Jawaharlal University, New Delhi, is one of the top Universities of India. Several military colleges and schools proudly bear accreditation to JNU.  Indian Administrative Service trainee officers on completion of their course are awarded a Master’s degree by this University which boasts of some 8000 students in all disciplines of knowledge and has  … Continue reading THE KANHAIYA STORY