Do you know that:

  1. India has 3.57 crore women less than men?
  2. That despite that wide gap in gender ratio, a woman cannot get a husband without paying dowry in cash and kind?
  3. That nearly every marriage in India is a criminal act because by law dowry giving and taking are both crimes?
  4. That 7,000 baby infants are being killed every day in India?(UNICEF Study)


  1. That of every 5000 women killed in the name of family honour in the world every year, 1000 are from India, and 1000 from Pakistan?


6 That the only states in India that have more women than men are Kerala , and Puducherry,?

  1. That if you allow nature have its way, there would be more women than men at any given time since women live longer than men by 7 to 8 years? (Don’t you notice far more number of widows than widowers?)
  2. That most Northern states – particularly Punjab and Haryana, where female infanticide is almost a social ritual, women number less by 120 or more among 1000 men?
  3. That women justify female infanticide in the light of their own experience in life saying that they do not want their daughters go through the hell that has been their own life?
  4. That in many Haryana villages, you cannot find a single living girl child and that allowing girl child to live brings social shame to the family?india's daughter- If my daughter or my son
  5. That if you are a Keralite parent, and give your daughter to a Haryana man (because he comes begging for a bride ), you would be giving her away in slavery and you will never see a granddaughter?
  6. That most police stations refuse to register a bride-burning case?
  7. That Sala (wife’s brother) is a filthy abuse, but Jija (sister’s husband) is a huge praise in most North Indian languages?
  1. That. In Northern India, Sasur – Father-in-law (from the wife’s side) is an abusive word?india's daughter- put petrol on her and set her alight
  2. That many Hindu babas and Muslim Mullahs and political leaders blame rape victims for the rape?
  3. That nearly all Indian men and women blame the dressing style of rape victims while nearly all rape victims were fully clothed women in salwar-kurtas if they were adults; more than 50% of the victims were children or infants, and nearly 50% of rapes take place within the family?
  4. That widows are the worst treated members in their families ?
  5. That the gender ratio in ‘progressive’ Gujarat was 921 women to 1000 men in 2001; 10 years after Modi’s rule, it is 918 to 1000?
  6. That even today Brahmins in the South make widows shave their heads; that it is perfectly acceptable among some of the tribes in the North that widows become mistresses of their brothers-in-law?
  7. That you will rarely find an Indian film or serial where a man does not slap a woman at least once, but never a film or serial where the woman slaps back?
  8. That honour killing of girls by their brothers (“Sali ko maar ke mein jail jaoonga”) is a matter of pride in many communities.?


  1. That men and women holding hands, walking together or hugging in a park or any place can lead to your arrest , but not pooping or piddling on the roadside?


  1. That Although sex by mutual consent among majors is legal, if a woman stays in a room in a hotel with a male companion in Kerala, a police inspector might barge in, beat you up or arrest you?


  1. That a woman is expected to bear signs of her marriage on her body, but not her husband?


  1. That gods and goddesses are stated to have fallen in love, film and TV serial characters can fall in love, but falling in love before marriage on the part of a real-life woman is supposed to bring dishonour to her family?

26. That rape victims are taught that being raped is worse than being dead – and that belief leads to many girls committing suicide?

27. That although Sati has been abolished (by the British against strong protestations by quite a few Indian leaders and members under the legislative assembly), women who self-immolated in the pyre of their husbands – including young Roop Kanwar, who in 1987 was forced under sedation to immolate herself in the pyre of her estranged husband )  are still worshiped?





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