If you are a father like I am

Your love and promise of protection for your children are unconditional.

You’d  love your children whether or not they love you back.

You’d never discriminate between your daughter and your son.

Your love for them is not measured by the praise they shower on you from time to time.

You’d try and  put food on their plates even if they don’t thank you for it.

You’d protect them with your life even if you are not sure they would acknowledge your sacrifice.

If your children do something serious, you will admonish  them – not put them in fire..

If  a child falls sick, you find the best way to cure , not wait for her/his prayers.

If you ever think of punishing your child, that would be for reformation, not for  retribution.

Your punishment would be short, minimal and physically harmless. Never for eternity.

In a storm or a squall, if the earth quakes or floods rise, you first think of your children – not about yourself – even though you know that they may not be thinking of you.

If there is any way you could avert an accident to your child, you wouldn’t stand aside and watch it in playfulness. Nor would you wait for the child to plead for your help.

You will not hold it against your children if they don’t put money  in your box.

You would never, never think of putting them into eternal hell and perpetual torture for the reason that  they didn’t praise your parentage, your sacrifice, and your goodness .

You’d never be your children’s shepherd. Shepherds sell their sheep, eat their sheep, kill their sheep.

You would never discriminate among your children in handing out favours.

You would not  re-incarnate to kill a disobedient  child you created.

God of religion was created by mean, vengeful, dangerous, frightening,  greedy-for-power, wrathful men.

If there is a creator, he has nothing to do with the Christian gods (all three-in-one), Muslim god (Allah the Meanest) nor the Hindu gods (One and yet many) or any other god of any scripture yet written.






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