I got this article named “The Real Mandela” by Dr. Joel McDurmon in a chain mail exactly a month ago. Dr. McDurmon directs research for American Vision founded by Gary DeMar, who wants that Biblical law must be made the foundation of all righteous judgment in every government (I propose to publish the Biblical Laws in a later blog). Dr. Peter Hammond, whose video ‘expose’ that McDurmon quotes is an online missionary with a mission of his own named Frontline Fellowship. This blog is about Dr. Peter Hammond, and the false witness he bears in the name of God. I chose only 10 false witnesses with due regard to God’s 10 Commandments.

False Witness 1.  If anything, Mandela’s legacy is an argument in favor of the death penalty

The point he makes is: Mandela should have been hanged. That Judge Quartus De Wet, Judge President of the Transvaal Provisional Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa had seriously erred in his judgment. At the first trial, the Judge was derisive towards the prosecution that had indicted him and compatriots for engaging in guerrilla warfare. During the trial De Wet repeatedly asserted that he was satisfied that there was no guerrilla warfare, only plans for it.  The judge quashed the charges and set Mandela and his co-accused free. Mandela was immediately arrested again for over two hundred (not 156) acts of sabotage aimed at facilitating violent revolution and armed invasion of the country.   By now the wrath of the government – Hendrik Verwoerd, the racist Prime Minister who spoke against admitting Jews who sought refuge from Hitler’s Holocaust and B.J. Vorster, previously member of the anti-Allies pro-Hitler group called Ossewabrandwag and Minister of Justice at the time of the trial (two years later Prime Minister) and architect of apartheid – had their combined forces brought to bear upon the judge.  The sentence read: “The crime of which the accused have been convicted, (that is the main crime, the crime of conspiracy), is in essence one of high treason. Since the state sticks to that charge,  which calls for death sentence, he had no option but to use his power of leniency; hence he was awarding imprisonment for life.

Rings a bell? Since the priests and the elders stick to their accusation, I commit this man to death by crucifixion. I do not believe that the court records would show whether de Wet washed his hands.

Hammond is one Christian who advocates death penalty as opposed to Christ’s promise to forgive those who follow Him. Mandela was a praying, practicing Christian.

False Witness 2. When such criminals are not disposed of, there is always a chance future political powers may be corrupt enough to release them—perhaps even into positions of power.

The “Future Political Powers” was FW De Klerk, of the National Party, which formalized the apartheid regime in 1948 tried everything in its might to continue with the heinous policies even into the late 1980s despite enormous pressure from the United Nations, recommendation of the turn-coat Dutch Reform Church, economic sanctions (which called for additional sanctions despite Reagan’s veto) and sports-field ostracization. Even hard-case conservatives like Margaret Thatcher had begun to come around to the view that Mandela had to be freed. In 1985, Harried by international pressure, President Pieter Botha linked the release to Mandela`s rejection of violence as a political weapon, which Mandela and the ANC refused to concede on the ground that if the apartheid government did not offer to eschew violence, ANC couldn’t do it either. Botha did not offer to eschew violence against those opposed to apartheid. On a more ridiculous note, Botha in 1986 offered to release Mandela on “humanitarian grounds’ if some others in Angolan and Soviet jails were similarly released! By then, Botha’s government was already trying to butter up Mandela by moving him to a more comfortable “prison” (a villa!) in attempt to soften that stand, which failed. Mandela was always willing to talk provided it was unconditional. By1990, the new President FW DeKlerk (of the same National Party) had no alternative but to release Mandela despite all his machinations in stalling of talks to make Mandela and his party agree to do something to save his face. Klerk was no less a racist than Botha or Vorster, but he happened to be the one at the helm when the sword of inevitability fell. However, I have never heard anyone accusing DeKlerk of corruption. Is Hammond’s accusing DeKlerk of corruption mean that DeKlerk took money or incentives of some kind from someone for releasing Mandela? Or is it because Mandela graciously called him “a man of integrity”?

DeKlerk had been as much a man of the Reformist Church as Peter Hammond.  It was the generosity and love of peace on the part of Mandela that, despite objections from his party members, he agreed to accept the joint Nobel Prize with DeKlerk and offer the latter Vice Presidency. Two years later, probably not wanting to work under his former black prisoner, DeKlerk resigned his job and quit politics. A Rainbow nation was not the kind that former members of apartheid regime and its remnants like Dr. Hammond would have liked.

Some of the white “Rhodies” who ran away from South Africa in a hurry fearing retribution that never happened thanks to enlightened black leaders like Mandela, Bishop Tutu and Allan Boesak continue to spew venom  on Mandela. Peter Hammond, brought up in Rhodesia, joined South African Army, but enlisted the Rhodesian Commandos to form his “Frontline Fellowship”  is able to live in South Africa – not in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, former Rhodesia – and preach his sermon of hatred in the name of Bible and make money on the pretext of evangelism (see below) because the  concept of building a multi-coloured free Rainbow Nation (a term coined by Desmond Tutu, not Mandela) came into being when Mandela became President. If it were someone from the PAC (who wanted all whites thrown into the sea) and Inthaka Freedom Party (whom the dying apartheid regime used as a tool to cause bloodshed among blacks) or the Communists that came to power, where would Hammond and his ilk be?  As against the fate of whites in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, South African whites still have their land, their riches and their lives in villas while most blacks still wallow in poverty and fight among themselves (and other African immigrants) for small pickings.  Oxford Dictionary of Political Biography describes Mandela’s “extra-ordinary lack of ‘ rancour’ towards the whites who put him through immense sufferings in jail”.

  • False Witness 3. He (Mandela) admitted in open court—pleaded “guilty”—and remember, he was trained as a lawyer—he pleaded “guilty” to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism.

Mandela did not plead guilty, nor did his fellow prisoners, at any time. In 1962, before the Magistrate who arraigned him, he said: Your Worship, I submit that I AM GUILTY OF NO CRIME .He was sentenced for five years imprisonment. Interestingly, even when as the judge was declaring Mandela guilty, the world at large found the government of South Africa guilty of endangering international peace and security. Passing Resolution No. 1761(XVII), the United Nations recognized that “the situation in South Africa was one that had led to international friction and, found the government of South Africa guilty of endangering international peace and security. As a punishment,   It requested “Member states to :

(a) break off diplomatic relations with the Government of South Africa or refrain from establishing such relations;

(b) close their ports to all vessels flying the South African flag;

(c) enact legislation prohibiting their ships from entering South African ports;

(d) boycott all South African goods and refrain from exporting goods, including all arms and ammunition;


(e) refuse landing and passage facilities to all aircraft belonging to the Government of South Africa and companies registered under the laws of South Africa. “ .

In the event, Mandela’s sentence was quashed and he was set free shortly thereafter, but the punishment awarded to the apartheid regime  by the  conscience of the world lasted for nearly  thirty years – that is, till some time after Mandela was set free.

Later in Rivonia at his first trial in the provincial division of the Supreme Court of South Africa,  Mandela pleaded NOT GUILTY, and was acquitted. The police immediately arrested him on charges of 200 counts of sabotage (not 156 acts of public violence and terrorism). To these charges, Mandela and his fellow accused proclaimed:


  • False Witness 4. Mandela was a criminal, not a political prisoner. .. Not even the Amnesty International would take his case, because they said he wasn’t a political prisoner

Amnesty International never said that Mandela was a criminal and not a political prisoner. The protest marches and demonstrations against Mandela’s trial was attended not only by blacks, but also several white men and women. He was never treated as a criminal even by the South African government. There had been a parade of international and South African high officials, eminent men of fame and position that visited Mandela in prison at times to find the state of his comfort, at other times to elicit his views on how to tide over the impasse.

The fact was that Amnesty International, which had earlier described Mandela as a “forgotten prisoner” was divided among two groups. One was of the opinion that Mandela’s case was to be taken; the other view was that since Mandela did not deny the use of violence, he did not merit the POC (Prisoner of Conscience) status. Then or now, Amnesty International takes no official position on the justification of the use of violence. It only makes a distinction between those political prisoners who do and do not use or advocate its use as concerns its internal program of action on their behalf. In the event, Amnesty International agreed to continue to work on his behalf in terms of fair trial, and against the possibility of the death penalty. It is on record that Mandela was a political prisoner was never brought into question in Amnesty International.

  •  False Witness 5. Mandela was a Terrorist.

As Bob Egelko, long time correspondent of Associated Press wrote, “it should be said that Mandela came to support armed struggle against the apartheid regime before his imprisonment, although he never backed terrorism or assassinations.”  If Mandela was a terrorist by trying to organize a fighting force when left with no alternative against the oppressive and humiliating treatment meted out to 80% of the population by the white invaders of his land, then George Washington who fought against the British (his brethren of the same skin colour) was a terrorist, General Chiang Kai-shek, who fought the combined Western forces was a terrorist. Winston Churchill who opposed Hitler’s bloody expedition to subjugate all non-Germans was a terrorist. They were not. It was Ronald Reagan, who vetoed the UN Resolution which was overturned by the Congress, who was a terrorist. By comparing the Nicaraguan rightist rebels (“Contras”) who bombed schools and hospitals “the equivalent of our founding fathers”. Reagan degraded American war of independence.

Before embarking on sabotage as a tool, In June 1961, Mandela sent a letter to South African newspapers warning the government that a campaign of sabotage would be launched unless the government agreed to call for a national constitutional convention.Previously, he had warned Henrik Verwoerd, Prime Minister,  along the same lines, which went unheeded. .]Mandela then got permission from ANC to organize an army to fight an evil force that the whole world recognized was causing international friction and destroying peace. With that goal, he did go abroad clandestinely to gather forces with outside help – because the blacks in their hovels had no resources unlike the Boers of the previous century. He failed in his attempt to enlist enough foreign assistance to fight the enemy or to organize a trained-and-fitted rebel army, and, unlike George Washington, he had no slaves to give up their lives in exchange for false promise of freedom, Hence sabotage of government machinery was his only option. In his famous statement in Rivonia trials, he had said:

.Umkhonto (we Sizwe) was formed in November 1961. When we took this decision, and subsequently formulated our plans, the ANC heritage of nonviolence and racial harmony was very much with us. We felt that the country was drifting towards a civil war in which blacks and whites would fight each other. We viewed the situation with alarm. Civil war would mean the destruction of what the ANC stood for; with civil war racial peace would be more difficult than ever to achieve. We already have examples in South African history of the results of war. It has taken more than fifty years for the scars of the South African [Anglo-Boer and the subsequent rebellion and fratricide among whitesBoers] War to disappear.

That was not an admission of guilt, but a statesman-like clarification of reasons for using violence under oppressive situations. Something akin to Jesus Christ sabotaging tables and scattering gambling money inside the sacred temple. Just before receiving his Nobel Prize, Mandela told Time Magazine: Chief Albert Luthuli, former ANC president and Nobel Prize winner, believed in nonviolence as a way of life. But we who were in touch with the grass-roots persuaded the chief that if we did not begin the armed struggle, then people would proceed without guidance

What did MK sabotage? Electrical pylons, government offices after working hours; goods trains (so as to avoid human casualties) Any human casualty that resulted from such sabotage was far fewer than the “collateral damage” that US drones inflicted on women, children, hospitals and schools.

Presbyterian Church of USA titled its tribute to Mandela with “How a seemingly inevitable bloody revolution was avoided.

  •  False Witness 6. Mandela was a Communist.

Communism is more like a theology with its quoting of Carl Marx and Fredreich Engels(and  not sticking to their sermons the same way as Christians never turn the other cheek), Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao, and, like Judo-Arabic scriptures, giving its own version of history and prophesies. If being friendly or sympathetic to communists’ ideals is a crime, then the people of Kerala (who send out most Catholic, protestant and Pentecost preachers, catholic nuns and nurses of all denominations across the world) who vote for communists every tenth year should be criminals. But the question here is whether Mandela was a member of the communist party, or, as often alleged, an office bearer of SACP.

As a youth league member of the ANC, Mandela was fiercely opposed to communism and ANC having any truck with the party. He considered communism a foreign ideology, dominated by whites and hence unsuitable for the African cause. Many communists, even blacks, condemned him for this stand. Mandela was never a member of the Communist party let alone an office bearer although he was aware that some members of the party were also in ANC; there was much attempt by communists to make him join the party when he was in jail for life. Mandela himself had stated that being a religious man (which he remained till death, a fact incidentally and obliquely admitted by Hammond in his chain-mail video) he couldn’t agree with the atheistic ideals of communism. If he only promised a communist government after victory, he would probably have received all the armaments, logistics and fighting men to help him in his fight against apartheid from Russia, China, Cuba or all of them. In the event, even Raul Castro who sent his men to Angola to fight their battle for freedom practically ignored Mandela’s request for help in building a fighting force.

He also stated in court during the Rivonia trials, “From my reading of Marxist literature and from conversations with Marxists, I have gained the impression that Communists regard the parliamentary system of the West as undemocratic and reactionary. But, on the contrary, I am an admirer of such a system.”

Mandela’s statement in Court is a matter of records. It was that system – one man, one vote regardless the colour of his skin or his belief – which Mandela was fighting for. Proof of pudding lies in its taste; South Africa has a capitalist economy with private ownership of land and industry; stock Exchange and Free media.

If Mandela was ready to die as he openly stated in court, and was certain that he would be “strung up” if he read out his prepared statement in open court (which he did), there was no reason why he would deny his subscription to the ideology any more than Peter Hammond would want to deny that he was Christian (of whatever denomination – Hammond, incidentally, did not state his Chrisitan denomination as an alumnus for doctorate in Missiology in the Whitefield Seminary).

When the apartheid government couldn’t ban ANC as a party, they enacted Suppression of Communism Act, 1950. Since the act specifically stated that one of the aims of Communism was to stir up conflict between the races, one could always use that gun to shoot ANC with. This was established when, in his court, Afrikaner Judge Rumpff ruled that 156 ANC members including Mandela and the man-of-peace Chief Luthuli under trial were guilty of “Statutory communism as opposed to “what is commonly known as Communism.” In other words, Mandela was guilty of a brand of communism invented by the apartheid regime. In his historic Rivonia trials speech, Mandela had stated:

We of the ANC have always stood for a nonracial democracy, and we shrank from any action which might drive the races further apart than they already were…….”.

That, to the apartheid regime, was what Judge Rumpff laconically called statutory communism,

  • False witness 7. Mandela wrote the book “How to be a good Communist”

To prove that Mandela was a communist, Hammond Challenges you to read this book “written by Mandela” . The only real book by that name is by Liu Shao Chi, once a close associate of Mao Ze Dong who later turned his critic in the party when Mao started the now infamous Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. Mandela admits that he copied passages from this book to show his communist cellmate how boring communist literature was. Though the prosecution included these pages among the thousands of pages of alleged evidence against him, the court took no notice of it. You can order a copy of “How to be a Good Communist” by Liu Shao Chi, originally published in 1939 from

You will find an alleged copy of the”written manuscript” of Mandela’s book of this name sprung up in the website The contents are taken from the book by Liu Shao Chi, with a few sentences added in the beginning to give credence to the argument that it was written by Mandela. The handwritten copy of pages of this book ought to be in South African Supreme Court records; there is no way this manuscript or even its photocopy could have got into the hands of the former Rhodesian whites (“Rhodies) just after they fled or while they were fleeing to New Zealand. If indeed they did, they could have published a scanned extract of the alleged manuscript in Mandela’s handwriting in their publication. The fact is that the “How to be a Good Communist by Nelson Mandela” was inspired by a couple of lines about that book in Mandela’s Autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom”

It is a pity that even in the 21st Century, white supremacists would never give up the style of propaganda proposed by Hitler (Mein Kampf, Chapter VI) and perfected by Joseph Goebbels.

• False Witness 8: The crimes for which Mandela was given life imprisonment in South Africa, he would have received the death penalty in the U.S. or Britain at the time.

I searched through the internet, encyclopedia, volumes on US history of execution, and consulted a lawyer friend in the US. The Country has a history of Negro lynching and race riots, execution of 13 Black soldiers by court martial in the Houston riots of 1917, execution of individuals for murder of Sikhs and others by mistaking them for Arabs post 9/11, but none for racial or political violence in the period encompassing Mandela’s trial . As for Britain (hopefully meaning Great Britain or the United Kingdom), the last single hanging was in 1964 for murder and robbery at a time death penalty was already in the process of being abolished.. (That the convicts did not get a reprieve surprised the media and the public at that time).

  • False Witness  9: Obama is a crypto-communist and friend of Terrorists

Why? Because Obama shook hands with Raul Castro in the lineup of heads of nations at the meet-and-greet occasion at Mandela’s funeral? What about Churchill and Roosevelt who not only shook hands with Joseph Stalin, but also wined and dined with him and finally gave away half of Europe to him in a platter? Where is America’s anti-communism stance when they owe trillions of dollars from Communist China that made Prime Minister Hu Jintao of China express his worry that the money might never be recovered? What about David Cameron who was so grateful to communist China that the latter rescued the London Taxi Company from going bankrupt that he led a team of a hundred businessmen to Beijing and made abject statements regarding economic cooperation? In his book Audacity of Hope, Obama praises Abraham Lincoln and his successors – both Republican and Democrat – for perfecting the style of capitalism in the United States. The “Healthcare for all” program of Obama, often mentioned as Obamacare, falls far short of the 100% medical care insurance available to the citizens of most West European countries, Australia and Japan (financed by higher tax rates than what is obtaining in the US even after the additional tax of 0.9% for the rich and 3.8% tax on capital gain exceeding US$ 250,000).

Worse, or perhaps more ridiculous still is calling Obama a friend of terrorists when it was he who authorized secret intrusion to Pakistan territory right under the nose of an army headquarters and  got Osama Bin Laden captured, shot and buried in the deep sea, annihilated nearly the entire leadership of Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan with a record number of drone strikes despite protests and threats from “friendly” Pakistan?

  • False Witness 10: Mandela legalized abortion, homosexuality and pornography.

On Pornography

When Dr. Hammond visited Mandela in 1995 or 1996, the Constitution of South Africa was still being written. There was no reference to pornography, nor was a law ever enacted legalizing pornography in Free South Africa. When Hammond refers to legalizing it, he must have Section 16 of the Constitution of South Africa which  protects the individual’s right to freedom of expression, a virtue lauded by the entire democratic world. The constitution adds a rider in Section 28 to protect the children from any evil effects of the freedom of expression wherein it calls for : the best interests of a child are of primary importance in every matter affecting the child.

Even after Mandela retired as the President, no law has been enacted to encourage pornography, although it is left to the Courts, as it should be, to decide what constitutes pornography. Unit for Religion and Development Research, Department of Practical Theology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa wrote:

The investigation of relevant legislation indicates that those who broadcast and/or sell pornography contravene South African law.” <

To protect children and others from sexual violence; Government of South Africa passed the Sexual Offences Act (32 of 2007) in 2007. No doubt sexual violence exists; the rich (mostly whites) dabble in pornography of all kinds – but Mandela’s legislation of freedom of Expression has nothing to do with it.


While it is technically correct that laws pertaining to LGBT rights and abortion under certain restrictive conditions were enacted while Mandela was the President, The intent of the missionary to show it as a crime on the part of Mandela is false. I do hope that when his Maker judges the missionary, he would look into the intent of the witness than the literal statement.

In 1993 the interim constitution opposed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. These provisions were kept in the new constitution, approved in 1996, Two years later, the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled in a landmark case that the law prohibiting homosexual conduct between consenting adults in private violated the Constitution.

Laws enacted in 1998 and 2000 protected South Africans from discrimination of any kind on the basis of sexual orientation. Interestingly, it was the Supreme Court (not Mandela)  that asked the parliament to pass a legislation allowing same-sex marriages within one year. The court gave the government one year to pass that legislation, which the parliament enacted just in time!

The law on abortionenacted in 1996 states :

An abortion in the first twelve weeks may be performed by a medical practitioner or by an appropriately trained nurse or midwife; after twelve weeks it may only be performed by a doctor.[4]

Abortions may only be performed at facilities which meet certain requirements for staffing and equipment, and which have been approved by the provincial Member of the Executive Council (MEC) responsible for health. Facilities with a 24-hour maternity service and which meet the other requirements do not require the MEC’s approval to perform abortions in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.[5]

The laws were tested in courts and hence stand legally sacrosanct. One must remember that abortion up to the third semester was legalized by the Supreme Court of United States in 1973; many civilized nations have followed suit as regards the laws regarding the rights of lesbians, gays and transsexuals. We all know how the anti-abortion law killed a dentist as well as her fetus in Ireland. Deaths due to crude abortions have come down drastically since the law came into force.In the face of thousands cases of catholic priests sworn to celibacy sodomizing children, Pope Francis’ advice to the church in this regard is by now well known.


On Dr. Peter Hammond.

One could go on and on with his lies and half-truths in his videos and website. Dr. Hammond says that Mandela had admitted that he was never tortured in jail. If he did indeed admit that (I searched through several documents and his autobiography in vain), It only shows how much Mandela was prepared to bend over backwards to avoid bitterness. He was made to sleep on cold floors, humiliated by giving clothing and food that were inferior to those given to Indians and coloureds; subjected to hard labour like quarrying hard limestones under harsh sun; letters to him from his wife (imagine police reading your wife’s letters to you and deciding what parts you could read!) were scissored out  in so many places that they were difficult to read; hardened criminals were occasionally put along with him in his tiny cell to frighten or probably have him beaten up or even murdered (the last is my assumption; not Mandela’s).

Of Hammond’s version that Mandela looked up and said, “I have sensitive eyes; they didn’t give me sun glasses” one can only conclude that it was a ridiculous lie. Mandela never complained of sensitive eyes – not in any literature available to the public. He only used reading glasses . Though he loved to wear flashy clothes, sun glasses were not one item of his style statement. I looked through hundreds of Mandela photos available on the ‘Net, newspapers, tabloids etc; the only one I found him wearing sun glasses – as a young man – was with Air Force style Ray-ban like glasses with light shading at the top; clear at the bottom.  In his autobiography, however, he mentions an instance where the limestones that he and fellow prisoners were to quarry gave out oppressive glare at noon  and that  ‘they’ (not he) asked for protective glasses and were refused.

This self-styled Christian missionary broke one of the Ten Commandments of God when, as he says in the video, that he prayed to Lord Jesus Christ that Mandela must not be given a moment of rest . The commandment says: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

I could go on about his childish presumption that the auditing of his mission was Mandela’s revenge, and nearly every such ridiculous claim; but by now the reader must be ready to come to his own conclusions.

In September 2006, this man was charged with assault when he went around with his children shooting at trick-or-treat kids on the Halloween day. That’s the way Dr. Peter Hammond trains his children on the meaning of Christ’s sermons.

Hammond  gets his “facts” from toilet-wall graffities – Gandhi slept with his sisters (he had only one sister, who never lived with him) to ensure purity of the offspring; Kasturba Gandhi died of malaria and Gandhi denied her medicine (she died of pneumonia), but Gandhi himself took  medicines when he caught malaria (he didn’t; maverick as he was, he cured himself with goat milk!); he was a friend of Hitler (Gandhi wrote to Hitler to desist from making war , which was never answered. As compared with this, Britain signed treaties with Hitler; the PM wrote several letters of conciliation to Hitler) and that’s why he was put in prison and so on. He has made similar comments about Martin Luther King Jr; Bishop Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama. He accused American media of the crime of “already promoting mixing of the races” even before Martin Luther King! Hammond hated the Americans who were for integration. He wrote:”the controlled media and politicians were determined to push their racial mixing program on America. King was their man and nothing was allowed to get in their way.

A couple of websites claim that the Board of Elders  of  the Church of Christian Liberty, have called Hammond a “pathological liar” who, with others, has “preyed upon the people of Sudan with their claims used to milk and bilk thousands of well meaning financial contributors out of many millions of American dollars”.  They claim that the Board of Elders of the Church, whose Whitefield Seminary gave him the doctorate disowned him at least at one point of time. I tried to verify this  by an e-mail, but Dr. Kenneth Talbot, President of Whitefield College and Theological Seminary, replied me with a non-committal “No! Enough said”.  To be fair, the website of the Church still shows Dr. Hammond as an office bearer. Hammond got his doctorate in Missiology from this seminary; it is not known where he got his honorary doctorate in Divinity.

Doctor Hammond evangelizes only Christians – by selling (or ‘reaching’) them copies of the Bible, particularly in the war-torn nations of Southern Africa. He knows that God has already decided who should be saved and who should be thrust into fire, so why waste time with Pagans?

>Peter Hammond would soon have much to say about the liberal and frank attitude of Pope Francis. Catholics had already pronounced their view on Peter Hammond as early as 1989 in National Catholic Reporter : “If you believe Christ wants a holy war to preserve apartheid, the Reverend Peter Hammond is your general, his Frontline Fellowship your army”



  1. Vishumenon, you have a wonderful writing style, and also done a lot of research, yet frankly you researched wrong. I’ve never read so many historical inaccuracies in a single article in my entire life before, and I’m currently 50 years old – believe me, I know the in’s and out’s of South African past and present history, heritages, and all her past and present political affairs – much less your take on Peter Hammond, also never considering that those who criticised him as you have done, also have no ethical basis to do so.

    Hammond, no fool at all, quite the opposite, an experienced man with stunningly impressive ehics and credentials, who has studied, met and spoken to Mandela, has a practical realistic and accurate assessment of the glorified terrorist that is Nelson Mandela.

    I would absolutely love nothing more at this moment, than to take your entire article and debunk each and every preconcieved idea, inaccuracy, biased opinions, and such, with real truths, but your article is long, and at the end of my effort, it’s obvious already to me, that you will still continue to love lies and hate truths, which is going to help you nothing.

    I will therefore just use up small energy to mention here that you are decieved yourself, and to use my time to simpy debunk one or two lies as follows:

    Dr Verwoerd


    Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites


    The truth about Nelson Mandela:


    Nelson Mandela


    Dick Cheney Didn’t Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A ‘Terrorist’:

    Nelson Mandela – Freedom fighter or terrorist?
    My meeting with Nelson Mandela (1 of 2) Dr. Peter Hammond – YouTube

    My meeting with Nelson Mandela (2 of 2) Dr. Peter Hammond – YouTube


    Orgies of violence:


    Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. At his trial, he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists. Here are some highlights

    -Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983

    -Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985

    -Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988

    -Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986

    -Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist M O Maponya instead

    -Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987

    -Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

    X John D’Cruz put it so well:

    “The British have exploited every nation they ruled. The Boers are in this predicament because the British brought troops from all over the world to overwhelm and defeat the undefeatable Boers in war. The policy of Apartheid was a British concept enforced by the Governor General who remained in South Africa till 1961 after the second war. The British used the Afrikaans word ‘Apartheid’ to mislead the world to make the world believe that it was the Boers’ policy but it was not. Where ever the British ruled, they enforced ‘Apartheid’.”


    Destructive racist songs led by President Jacob Zuma and other ANC Leaders in South Africa — Songs of MURDER!


    Please learn about what was REALLY going on in South Africa for the most part of 400 years, and learn the truths about what is REALLY going on in South Africa today.

    Deirdre Fields:

    An interview with Deirdre Fields, part 1
    by Kevin Alfred Strom

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    1. Thank you for reading the blog. I will certainly read the references you mention and try to sift the chaff from the grain (as my sense of logic would permit) and try and answer you. We have had people who denounce Jesus Christ, say Gandhi was incestuous and used to sleep with his sisters ‘to keep the purity of the race'(you have an example among your resources), and I’m sure they all have their quotes and references to back them up. There are also millions of men who believe that Muhammad was a man of peace, and that Hitler was the man to emulate. Then you have Dick Cheney for authority, the man who recommended and honed the designs of the torture chambers in Guantanamo Bay together with Rumsfeld and George Bush to dehumanize victims none of whom was found guilty after 9 to 11 years. Your another authority is Dr. Verwoerd, some of whose own writings are known to me. There is a horde of men and women in Europe and the United States including at least one protestant priest – not sure whether a Reformist or otherwise – who says that Hitler was right and a godsend, that two-third of the Jewish population in the world should be sent to hell. I am only citing these to show that there are resources for every argument : there is a saying in my native language that you can find a hundred defenders if you chop your mother in a public place.

      Having been born as a British subject and known the arrogance of some of the intellectually least equipped but nonetheless most arrogant Britons, I can scarce contradict you on your assessment of the colonials. I am also respectful of the current generations of the same people who bend over backwards to make amends.The driver who drove me around in Australia was a gentleman who fled Johannesburg when the Rainbow Nation dawned, but didn’t appear to mind having to start and stop and wait for a black man (I am not African, but not white). Group attitudes change with times, but a few – men including Peter Hammond to my mind – hark back on the old times, deriding the media “who at that time supported the mixing of races”. (His own words).

      Nonetheless, I believe that your arguments are unbiased and factual (at least in your understanding of them). I’d go through them and respond with deep humility. I respect the intentions of all those who take time to go through my long blogs – particularly those who contradict my views, because it’s they who pay better attention to what I say. Thank you indeed.
      Vishu Menon


      1. Perhaps it’s best if you could delete all my comments? As true as they are, they could one day maybe come to bite me in the rear. I tried to delete them myself but can’t find how to do it.


    2. Isn’t it strange that you blame Mandela for the alleged bombings of 1980s when he was imprisoned virtually incommunicado from 1964 till 1991? I am not forgetting that he was allowed to live in relative comforts in the last couple of years of his imprisonment, yet little access to his own party men.


  2. God says we can judge those by their fruits. I have studied Peter Hammond and I find only good fruits, if I try harder I’m sure I can find fault, because after all he is human also, but he has done more to save human lives of all ethnicities, than what most have done in recent times. I am a bad Christian by God’s and by many human standards, but I still love what Christ teaches us, the Word of God being the ultimate blessing to us all.

    I am not one who denies the holocaust. I read many holocaust books as a young person, and I had to stop reading about it because the horrors were affecting me. At the same time, I can tell you that I recently also stumbked upon a video, where a Jew admits that he lied for decades about some aspect of the holocaust. I am also aware that today anyone who tries to bring forth contradictory information about the holocaust, can today be legally arrested for doing so.

    While I love my mixed raced friends who marry across the colour line, and have never judged them, or anything of that sort, I do believe that there is a worldwide agenda to intoduce mass miscegenation, multiculturalism at the expense of eliminating diverse cultures. Barbara Lerner Specter and others are very forthright about this agenda:
    Even in the Bible, God does not punish anyone for mixed marriages, but He is concerned only with mixed RELIGIONS. He does not want the wife to worship one God and the husband another and the kids to worship many gods or themselves as is fast happening. In fact God rebuked and punished Miriam for criticising Moses for marrying someone of another ethnic group, because she worshipped the same biblical God who Moses worshipped.

    But nobody must force miscegenation on any generation of ethnic populations, anywhere as we are seeing today, or continue to make white people feel guilty or murder us for things we simply never did and don’t agree with, this is so wrong:


    1. I am not aware of any ‘forced miscegenation. I don’t see any objection to a state when the whole world prays to one God and has one culture that suits the time it is in. Would your God again grow jealous and dash the children on the ground and bring down the towers of a modern Babylon?


  3. Dear sir. Even though I appreciate anybody’s efforts in presenting the opposite side of the truth and also correcting mistakes, I would like to add, that presenting one side of the truth and correcting mistakes is never the “whole truth”. Therefore I find the name of your blog misleading and thus inappropriate. You may of course call it what you like but I would suggest you rename it to Half Truths Unpalatable.


      1. Never let a Muslim fool you into thinking there is only one god on his terms.. He attacks Christianity but is shit scared to tackle the Jews whose Old Testament he quotes from… Mohamed believed in the people of the book. So there was one cannon at the time of NPBUH Muhammad and his followers in the 6th century. All evidence suggests if Mohammad could read and the writer of this site bothered to read Muhammad changed the words of that book to suite a diabolical charade of theology. Or rather tried too. Ishmael was not chosen for the covenant and that book the so called prophet referred too is in opposition for 6th century Koran till to today. Never ever let a serpent tell you theology. Peter Hammond has not responded to this tripe why should he. Mandela was imprisoned for how long and not once even when asked was willing to surrender his violent activities. The host here is a bullshit artist of note hates Christians. So why did the English get rid of Thuggery in India. Mass breading and a non fruitful civilization is proof of t Christianity was decimated by Muslims as was India we are facinated that the North African Church never reasons into this mans infantile mind. Ps. Its Muslims. Black and Indians that run to the white Christian nations for a better life. Well go figure its because they are hating the bull dust of their own people. Mandella said he will not renounce violence so stop talking dribble and quote the head of this serpent.e deception. Millions no Billions live in Indian shit filled cities by their own evidences. Did you not remember the Sati was it where indians burned the wifes of dead men. Really this is the answer to our problems. You fool. All tribes in Africa and India hate the outsider unless controlled so stop you lies. India is terrible that why his ancestors ran to white ruled nation in a hurry. Now he wants to make us the chaos that his people seem not too escape. One god is not the same God. Idiote.


  4. There are those who get to know the Truth whilst they are alive and there are those who actively reject the Truth while they are alive.

    To those people the Truth will be revealed when they die. They will KNOW what it is that they have rejected.

    It is definitely not true that all the material in the universe emerged via a big bang from a singularity (nothing!). It is definitely not true that there was a period of inflation during that process whereby space accelerated (without cause) to faster than light speed for a brief period and then slowed down again (also without any known cause).

    It is definitely untrue that stars can form from clouds of gas all by themselves in the vacuum of space. Basic scientific principle flatly contradict this idea. Even if the required density to reach gravitational compression is reached, as soon as the compression starts simple heating counteracts it and eventually an equilibrium (the Jeans mass limit) is reached that cannot be overcome except via the newly coined straw known as dark matter.

    So if the first stars cannot form by themselves, neither can galaxies and neither can planets form.

    It is definitely untrue that planets can form from clouds of dust all by themselves via the accretion model also known as the nebular accretion model of planetary formation. This model also requires a contradiction of basic physical principle to work. Dust particles just do not accumulate and latch onto each other to form planetesimanls in the vacuum of space. We know for a fact that rocks bounce off each other here on earth and it has also been observed in space. There is no way for them to miraculously latch onto each other via some miraculous glue in space either. So no planets, no life.

    It is definitely untrue that life can arise from non-living materials via random chemical and physical processes all by itself without any intelligence and super-ability from outside. This idea also defies the most basic principles of chemistry, for instance the fact that all normal, natural chemical reactions deliver two optical isomers a.k.a. chiral molecules. Biological life prefers pure left-handed amino acids and pure right-handed sugar bases. These cannot arise from natural random processes and in fact is extremely difficult to separate in real life. This is just ONE impossibility to overcome. Even if by some stupendous miracle a complete cell is to assemble all by itself ( really magically) there would still be an absence of life – the processes itself needs to be kick-started off in the right place(s) and in the right order. This requires KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY. Both of which does not arise from purely material processes since they are abstract. Just think – something that has just died has ALL the required components fully assembled in the right order and yet it cannot get back to life all by itself ( and even WITH all the help available from human beings !!!), so how much less can life arise from non-living things all by itself?

    IT is definitely untrue that lifeforms can “evolve” into other kinds via the step-by-step darwinian process, again in contradiction of basic biological, chemical and information theory principles. When the first life supposedly jumps into existence from the ground, it needs to have replication and repair in place otherwise it is dead in the pond scum with no means of survival. Yet those two super complex processes cannot arise all by themselves via purely material processes, again for lack of knowledge – which is an abstract entity. THen again, to form new functionality and build forms, knowledge is required – specifications of material, shape, function, activation and integration. None of these abstract entities can come from purely random chemical and physical material processes. How does the abstract entity arise from the purely material process?

    So those who reject the truth that God exists and that He created us (who fell into sin and death) and is mercifully making eternal life available thru His one and only Son who gave His life for us, those people will get to know the Truth when they die. They are rejecting repentance from sin and will have to endure the consequences.

    Then of course it will be too late to repent. They will know that there is a God of pure love, mercy and kindness who is full of forgiveness and who possesses all that is good because He is Good.
    For them there will be no more light ( God is light ), no more friends, no joy, no companionship, no hope, no comfort and no rest. They have rejected the Truth and the Truth will not be where they are. They will be in utter darkness, despair, hopeless and filled with an angry, utterly fiery burning regret at having spurned the one who created the heavens and the earth and WHO GAVE THEM LIFE (that same life that cannot arise spontaneously from the ground).

    There are those who get to know and accept the Truth TODAY and there are those who wickedly reject it.

    God gives rest to those who accepts the Truth.

    There will be no rest for the wicked.


    1. Ok, It is not true that the universe arose from a big bang.
      It is not true that stars formed with coluds of ‘gas’
      It is not tre tht planets could form from clouds of dust
      It is not true that life can form from random chemicals
      It is not that life forms can evolve by step-by-step Darwinian process.
      What is true is that a vegetable-hating, meat-loving, burnt-flesh-aroma-loving, ominiscient but repeatedly making mistakes and repenting, sex-hating but making gender-compatible sexual fitments, a God who would sacrifice his son and demand that everyone eat his flesh and drink his blood if not straight but symbolically, one who is badly in need of glorification and one who would punish till eternity all those who fail to glorify him, such a God happened to happen on his own and lived from eternity with no purpose till one day it occurred to him six thousand years ago to make the world and to destroy it some time next month or next year or in 2028.
      Gosh, how could humans be so gullible and so stupid?


      1. Yes if you are selective you will spin a fable every time. Where does God hate sex? he created Adam and Eve and prescribed Multiply. Reproduce silly!
        Vegetable Hating? Genesis said they ate from the fruit of the trees before the fall for food.
        Punished till all eternity? Show us where it says that you will be punished in hell fire forever. The wages of sin is death. Yes death is eternal? But you have made up your mind from the fables of the denominations. Death is the grave as opposed to a resurrection.
        Destruction of the earth Jesus says no one know the hour or the day?
        Gender compatible sex fitments? Really! all other fitments are non reproductive and thus contrary to nature. If it is Gods nature no wonder they are useless vines.
        Eat his flesh was a reference to the priest class who ate from those altars. Gods provision. Drinking blood is forbidden but the life of the soul is in the blood. Ad Dam or Adam means with a prefixed preposition until blood. Well whose your all knowing? Perhaps you do not know Life and Blood were sycncrhronized by God through the Law and the name of Adam.
        The only Gullible is you my Friend you see a Christian as Christendom. A Christian is one who follows the revelation of God. For this reason He calls no man Father on earth not Pappa or Pope. You are illiterate of true Biblical theology you believed the lies.
        Previously you inferred that Hammond was not concerned with believers because the doctrine of predestination. I agree it is wrong. However to say that Hammond does not care is incorrect as He proclaims the gospel so they may hear the voice of God. It is not true to say that Calvinist believe they are not to concerned otherwise no proclamation would go forth. You have let your otherwise articulate and well presented argument fall. Just a suggestion God is not the God of the gullible but of all and Yes we believe by faith that comes from the word Of God not the reasoning’s of man. You disrespect the divine because you want a creation according to your ego. Come oh great Vishumenon show us your egoic god that we may worship guru.


        1. I think it’s no use trying to condtradict your statements – they contradict themselves. I did not write that ‘they’ were vegetable hating.
          “Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. 3 In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. 4 And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, 5 but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor.” What does did not look with favour mean when the man had brought him an offering? Tell me a passage where God asked for vegetable are fruits to be offered to hi. He always wanted oxen and rams. He was so fond of blood that he wanted it sprinkled all over his altar – not to be consumed by humans.

          Any god is egoistic without exception, and loved killing and uprooting of whole tribes of men; but none can beat the Father of Jesus (the person, not the spirit who procreated him) without sex. God probably had a way of creating children wthout sex – the finest example is the birth of Jesus who was consummated without sex, and was delivered without damaging his mother’s hymen, which means not through the vagina.

          It’s amazing that in the 21st Century you could still find people being apologetic for a primitive, crude, cruel, misogynic collection of illogical stories and commands Copied from Hamurabi and others, recorded in an unknown language (Aramaic? Hebrew? Greek? Latin?) before poetry, philosophy, rational debates, atheism and literature of merit entered through Babylon, Greece, Persia and India. I have no defence for their gods (better many of them than one who did not know the difference between stars and planets), but they did make better reading.


    1. Many Africans did practise and believed in witchcraft, true. So did nearly all religious sects. The religion whose belief in witchcraft is recorded loud and clear is Christianity. Thousands of men and women – mostly old women – were burnt on the stake by Christians of Europe, England and the United States. In Africa whichcraft, however stupid a concept it might be, was dealt with fear but not cruel murder.


          1. Technically your source for witchcraft is actually Jewish Old Covenant. The Catholics always made that mistake of confusing the old covenant with the New. Exodus forms part of Torah and not the New Testament Age. Philo Semitisim will get you every time!
            Chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’ | The Times of Israel
            Search domain
            The Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon on Saturday evening. Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef was addressing Jewish legal aspects of the blessing on ..
            A chief Rabbi is a position of great power. This is not happening in the dark it is right their before your very face in the clear light of day.

            Is it right to show reasons for antisemitism or are you one to attack the victims? Preferring no justice.
            What happened at Rivionia was proof of at the very least Mandala’s foreknowledge of Terrorist activities. Limpet mines, AK47’s,RPG, Explosives and you want to deny his complicity. He was a terrorist who may or may not have truly changed. Who knows? To ignore his involvement is absurd and if you think that you must be stupid.
            Truth is not that which can never be known. NBC new ran an article that Nelson Mandela was regarded by the CIA as a terrorist until 2008. That article can still be found online. You may call him a freedom fighter but if you use force to political goals you are a terrorist.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Penis enlargement Sangoma from Malawi was handing out tracts while working with me. I asked cheekily if he could make my penis smaller. He was a little irritated. As I pushed the matter further after his trying to defend and make an apology he fessed up that he had no real power. His words were “people need hope I just help them by giving them relief in their minds”. So he misleads in advertising, He is a liar, He is a thief, He preys upon dupes who sometimes are there for economic relief. What do you do with criminal Vishumenon. Do you just allow the practice to continue in the face of the crimes. Yes liberal always get what they desire a feeble and failed mind cannot discern the thief is the Sangoma who practices falsehood, deceives and commits fraud. Now under the Old Jewish Law such a person was put to death as God wanted a nation to fear a prophet and not the charleton out for ill gotten gains. What would Vishnumeon do? How does it help to desensitize a fearful populous? When a Vooodo witch doctor casts a spel to kill or destry ones enemies sometimes using the body parts of murdered albinos. What does Vishumenon prescribe? Oh teach us whom you want to educate from your vast and wonderful and superior intellect! What do you do with evidence of such crimes? Is it not again your bashing Christianity and your intolerance of a non superstitious religion that you spew your hate and divisive anti Christ lies.
        Focus! tell us what you will do with such activities. Go on.


    2. I’ve known the man and his wife and certain of his young missionary trainees personally, and even tried to stop him from his apostacies.

      He is busy charging trainees big bucks to turn them into hateful demonic apostate trainee missionaries also.

      But God has seen him and his wife.

      I have seen them through God’s eyes first hand and face to face.

      Then sending his young impressionable trainees out to the rest of the world to further preach that God hates everyone!

      This man’s ego is matchless.

      His wife is his driving force, as evil as it can possibly get. Defending myself against her gaslighting, it felt like she was demon possessed, including the trainees I knew and met at their mission. I swear I was busy defending myself against a real demon. The words which came out of her mouth were utterly satanic.

      The demonic presence there at his mission base was thick. They have a branch in the USA.

      If I could stop him myself I would.

      Hammond is dead correct about abortion, about Communism and about certain South African politics though, (except in what he wrote above – he must make up his mind).

      Getting certain issues right and other issues and facts dead wrong, (throwing the odd truths in among many more lies), then making young impressionable minds disciples and little clones of himself, and his wife, for decades, and making a business out of this, is beyond pure evil.

      The man is demonically deranged, and I blame his wife’s influence over him for it. Had he married a Godly woman, I believe he would have shown true fruits. He has all the potential, but his Jew hating wife stood in the way.

      The hate for Muslims is as vehement as their hate for Jews. They are not interested in converting to Christ. Because when you convert you do it with Godly love in your heart – not with demonic vitriol.

      Somebody has to completely shut down all his missionary branches.

      Apostacies mixed in with some truths won’t cut it.


      1. Here are some of the grisly passages from the Koran: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Koran 9:123 “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85 “The Jews and the Christians are perverts fight them.”… Koran 9:30 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19 “The unbelievers are stupid urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60
        I once read Ibn Ali Josephs meaning of the Koran.
        I offer this a I suspect a Muslim mind is operation this website.
        P.S I could show you the same from Judaism but for the sake of brevity I will all this to digest.
        This is the gutter level your culture must enters when these get going and anti assimilate in your countries.


          1. Yes please.Does that intolerance of other religions not conflict with your New constitution. Try to get balance an realize the truth. Mandela and the ANC were terrorists and wanted to overthrow the country by brute force.
            It is all to telling this country is going to implode as they cannot even resolve a basic definition of a terrorist. I can assure you the international media was more effective in its lies than the ANC with its weapons of mass destruction. So why the need for a commie revolution with AK’s, Limpet mines explosive RPGs all confiscated from the terrorist Mandela. You can dress is up as a pig with lipstick but we are not going to buy if it ain’t Khosher. Preach on it seems no one actually believe your myth about your saviour Mandela the terrorist.


  5. Because I dont like the Mandela South Africa does not mean I supported Apartheid.
    Why did the Vatican support the Nazi’s?


    1. Hilton be proud of your people and culture without us there would be no maise in Africa. No wonder it was pretty much uninhabited when we delivered them.


      1. You delivered a ‘pretty much uninhabited’ place like pioneers delivered America, Britain delivered Australia and Muslims delivered Spain and then India,


  6. Why did Vatican support Nazis? That’s a good question. Is there a Christian organization that did not support dictators or did not persecute Jews? Is there one today, except that, as a matter of convenience, Jews have been replaced partly by Muslims?Religion divides, and division begets hatred. Peter Hammond is one among many who nurtures hatred – not only of Mandela, but Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi- the list is endless – through his religious faith.


    1. You are doing exactly the same. Except you direct it at Christians. Who made you judge over a free people. Freedom of religion is great if you like the freedom the ANC has vomited our way. You confess it does not work and then you try to multicultural and diversify everyone. Your confession just proves segregation was the answer. See in Israel a great big wall do you agree with that or are you antisemitic? Maybe this will demonstrate your contradiction better.
      In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men — Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA.
      So by your own admission multi racial and religious societies are divided and who helped you? The very people whose Old testament you hate? Go figure.


  7. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.” (BT Baba Kamma 37b). This is quoted from the Talmud.
    You got to love a Jew. no?


  8. Bullshit baffels brains again you think like a Mekka bro and so you expose youself as a poes Hammond can go to the Vatiacan but not the Mecca, Are you silly and retarded? You must be stupid with remits of pages you surrender your intellect. Silly scum.,.. Do you herd camels do you believe westerners who are rode in the srse by Saudis deserve to be prosecuted, You is stupido and labouriously naive.


    1. I know Dr Hammond and his team personally. My advice would be to not attempt to debate either him, nor his staff, nor his wife, nor his missionary trainees.


      I tried and failed to teach Godly humanity and educate these people with no Godliness in them.

      Amazingly, Peter’s children have love in their hearts. God has protected them from their evil parents.

      But his gullible missionary trainees are paying the Hammonds big bucks to learn how to go out into the world to preach the same hate he and his wife and associates do.

      I knew well, several of his trainee missionaries some years back and frankly they were demon possessed, as he and his wife is.

      My honest, sincere advice would be to seek legal advice against this man and his wife who is the real driving force behind all the evilness at his mission base in Rondebosch, Cape Town South Africa – in order to forever shut down that mission, as well as any other missions they try to open. Including their American headquaters or sister missions.

      Just demand in court that they be closed down forever and never ever open again.

      They twist the Bible and teach pure apostasy and hate. They believe all Muslims are demonic as they themselves are.

      I lived with Muslims for almost two years, Dr Hammond did not! I know not all Muslims are as evil as ISIS. Whenever I needed help, it was always the Muslims not the Christians who helped me.

      Read the story in the Bible about the man who was robbed and left to die in the road and it was another man from another hated country who picked him up and helped him. His own countrymen did not help him. His own enemy helped him. That is the world God wants.

      If you need a witness in court one day, ask me and I will stand under oath in court to tell all I know about this demonic setup of Dr Hammond and his even more guilty wife.

      May God stop them forever please, in Jesus precious Holy name, Amen, Amen, Amen!


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