God is not above Space Matter and Time

This blog is a reviewed and revised version of a 2017 blog of similar name.. I feel a little foolish when called upon to point out or critisize the childish, primitive, ignoble passages of the Old Testament and much of the New Testament, particularly Revelations. Yet when filth is thrown in one’s face, one has … Continue reading God is not above Space Matter and Time

Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?

Will there be a war? “There’s every indication that Assad did it,” said Theresa May, the Prime Minister of UK. She was paraphrasing Bush’s side-kick Tony Blair who said he had solid proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. In truth there is no indication, whatever, that Assad gassed his own people.   Assad … Continue reading Will there be a nuclear war in Syria?


This is my reply to the latest and  interesting comment I received to my  eight-year-old yet still widely read blog, Famous Astronauts and Good Faith. Comment: "today i read an article regarding the location of kaaba in mecca is conforming to the magic number or universal number or golden number or creator’s no of 1.618(fibonacci … Continue reading IS MECCA DIVINELY LOCATED?


Mr. Suraj Pal Amu has been offered virtual support by all the chief ministers of Indian states ruled by the Hindu-right BJP party, bossed over by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. The Hindu fatwa is on the producer-director and actors of a yet-to-be released film named Padmavati. Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore … Continue reading PADMAVATI – THE TRUE STORY


Who is responsible for the prevalent Islamophobia - the sporadic violence and murders in the name of Islam or historic Christian hatred of Muslims in general? Islamophobia means fear of Islam. This fear is real; it exists in places where Islam is the majority religion; also in places where the practitioners of the religion are … Continue reading ISLAMOPHOBIA – REAL AND SURREAL

Islam – A Religion of Peace?

My answer to What are some proofs that Islam is not a religion of peace? That is a strange question. When did Islam find peace since its inception? Islam was born in fratricidal battles within the tribes that lived around Mecca. The fights were intended to prevent people from worshipping the Gods of their choice and … Continue reading Islam – A Religion of Peace?

More Questions answered on atheism.

  1. As an atheist, what stops me from harming my neighbour when I am said to have no moral high ground from any so-called "Gods"? You are obviously no atheist; you are one of those who like to propagate that this is what atheists like to say. Atheists truly stand on a better moral high ground … Continue reading More Questions answered on atheism.

To what extent was Nazism influenced by atheism?

 First appeared in Quora.com To connect Nazism with atheism is a priestly lie of inquisitional proportions. Adolf Hitler had made it very clear in his Mein Kampf that he was a Christian, that he wished for the unification of Catholicism and Protestantism. Goebbels was a self-proclaimed atheist, as are some conservatives in the UK and … Continue reading To what extent was Nazism influenced by atheism?


Beautiful Padmavati of Rajastah folklore is as much a historic fact as Shakauntala of Kalidasa was. The latter, at least, finds passing mention in the ancient epic, Mahabharata . Padmavati story has no such scriptural background. Padmavati, if you imagine that she existed, was neither a Rajput and, by being of non-Indian origin, nor a … Continue reading A HUNDRED MILLION FATWA FOR PADMAVATI