Old man, take my words calmly and in your stride

You’d soon die and miss the spectacle of mankind’s suicide

Whether You had lived in fame, or in abject shame

No one would notice when you lie under the grime.


Nobody would miss you or mourn longer than a week or two

The tuneless songs you sang, the worthless books you wrote

Will all be deleted from your hard-disk bundles

To make place for noisier songs and audibles in Kindle


You’re JUST one of a million links clipped on parallel

In a long, long chain that goes on in an endless spiral

Till mankind in the high heat it created suffers and wallows

And the seas rise to the lands and all of it swallow


Where will your grandkids go when life gets unbearable?

And on earth there’s no air that’s even breathable

Reverse Osmoses clog earth’s water table far too deep

Rivers no longer flow; their house is too hot to live or sleep?

Will they scramble to rockets warming up for Mars or Planet Titan

Like desperate men who clung to airplanes’ wheels in Afghanistan

To an unknown planet beyond Bayt al-Ma’mur*  in the sky

And choke and drown like the kids who drowned in the Philistines Sea.


*Bayt al-Mamur is believed to be Allah’s own Kaaba over the seventh Paradise where angels worship Him,

2 thoughts on “A DESPERATE THOUGHT

  1. Even when imagination runs wild and desperate thoughts clog the brain
    A word from you my dearest friend, sends all the sorrows down the drain.

    Love you, Gunjan, and thank you for the first comment.


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