My Online Buy

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It happened something like this metaphorical event.

I wanted a refrigerator. I looked up online. There were many models, all at incredible prices.

I picked up the one that looked good, and only Rs.999. The photo showed a fly sitting on its top. The photographer should have been more careful, I thought. A fly atop a product you advertise is not a good idea.

But the price was attractive. So I paid up Rs. 999.

I received an acknowledgment from Amazon. Thank you for your payment of 999. Your order has started from Surat. It would be delivered within 2 weeks.

Two weeks? What would I do in those two weeks? My sambar would go stale in two days.

Naturally, I consoled nyself, delivering a refrigerator all the way from Surat at one’s door will take time. I prayed that the transporters would be careful and not damage my cheap yet precious fridge. Hopefully, though, they would send a warranty card with it.

Your order will be delivered today, Please stay home, said the next mail from Amazon.

I did not have to wait. Exactly at 8 AM, a package wtih three layers of cardboard covering landed up at my doorstep as promised.

Inside the three layers was a FLY.



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