My day’s fix- Foolish Guffaw and Sly Ridicule

Sorry, friends, I’ve been away for some time. Not by choice, but for reasons beyond my control. I’ll try making up with a daily fix in the days to come.

  1. Here’s a fine nexample of foolish guffaw and sly ridicule. Two partners in religion-based crimes : Mohammed bin Salman and Narendra Modi.

2; No misogyny in religion. Borrowed this from my FB friend Zackery.

Yes, Khomeini really said that. To many, his words are divine. Before the rape of young girl marked for execution next morning, one of the guards presents a plate of sweets to her relations back home to signify wedding. Why? Because the guard must not be guilty of zina (illegal intercourse) and denied his quota of 70 virgins in heaven.


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