Is it true that nations without nuclear weapons will not be nuked?

The only nation that was nuked twice was one without nuclear weapons. The only nation that was napalmed was one without napalm bombs. Iranian Airlines flight 655, an Airbus 300 had no weapons whatsoever on board when it was shot down by USS Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser of the United States Navy.  Under Nixon’s orders, the US Fleet 7 entered the Bay of Bengal  either to miltarily aid Pakistan or too boost its confidence, but withdrew when it discovered that India was ready to fight, and had Russia by its side. Saddam Hussein was attacked in 2003 in the name of WMD after the idiot, in the vain hope of  the many sanctions against him being lifted, destroyed all his own weapons of mass destruction and nuclear capability.

United States has always entered into an uneven war after making sure that the target is virtually helpless. It threatens Iran because it has no nuclear weapons yet, but cosy-coos with the most dangerous dictator in the world today because he has them and has made it clear that he would use them.

So there.

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