Does the presence of nuclear weapons prevent the possibility of WWIII?

World War III appears not to have happened because it has been happening by slow, painful and deadly instalments, the United States always a lone participant with many countries of the world, apart from the Blacks, Hispanics and immigrants and school children, on the other side. On the average, some 1500 human lives are lost in the use of military-grade weapons within the United States itself in an internal war of many shades. The website United States bombings of other countries lists 34 countries that the US bombed (including itself) since the end of the second world war. The attacks in not more than two or three of these nations are even remotely affect United States. Most of the skirmishes in those distant countries would have died off for want of weapons if the United States and its Western allies had not supplied them to both sides.

Taliban was equipped by the United States to overthrow a benign elected president – a doctor by profession and an anti-Communist till he was pushed into the arms of the Soviet Uniton. Those thus trained and equipeed were the Islamic terrorists known as Taliban. Iran and Iraq were both supplied weapons to fight each other. Saddam Hussein fought Saudis with American weapons, Saudis fought back with American weapons.

Not that Russia did not take advantage of the situation to sell its own weapons. All through these post-war years, what you have been seeing is a series of proxy wars between United States and the Rusians , both allies during WWII – with Britain and China respectively finding themselves on the oppoite wings. Till the late nineties Americans were told that they were fighting the bogey of Communism. Putin is no Communist; China has – or will soon have – more capitalists than the Americans and British put together, yet what is supposed to be an ideological war is really a war in suspended animation that brings in money to the makers of fighter jets and missiles.

It is doubtful whether the enormity of a nuclear holocaust will deter Pakistan from suicide-bombing its own nuclear weapons on New Delhi if it engages into an assymetric conventional war with India. The United States has been accusing Pakistan of terrorism, and knew all along that the latter was safe-keeping its arch enemy Osama-bin Laden till he was caught and shot in cold blood. Noevertheless, the same US has been bombing the North-West Mountainous regions of Pakistan against its loud protests while simultaneously supplying arms – most of them free of cost – to Pakistan. Free-of-cost meant the US tax payer – not the weapons manufacturer – footed the bill.

The largest industry in the United States is the weapon industry. Weapons would need to sell – never mind procured by the government from borrowed public money, taxes levied on the populace and money owed to China in an unequal trade. By necessity, WWIII is an ongoing affair. So is the sale of military grade weapons to the young and old citizens of the US itself, because the nation is at war with itself.

United States sells at least ffity billion worth of weapons overseas every year and maintains a military strength abroad that costs it more than 150 billion. while maintaining a miltary worth 500 billion within itself. Since it has no direct confrontation with any country, maintaining proxy wars all over the world is an infrastructural necessity.

So don’t fool yourself. All that is needed to continue the ongoing WWIII is to call a man a dog and bomb his home. The latest such one man-dog is the much beleagured Bassar Al-Assad, fighting the dreadful Islamic State with one hand and the rest of the warmongers with the other. When and if Assad goes down, there is Yemen already up against the shooting wall.

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