Mr. Modi, stop lying.

Autonomy for Kashmir is the language of the Constitution, not of Kashmiri “terrorists” or Pakistan. In truth, Pakistan would vehemently oppose an autonomous Kashmir as a part of India just as Xingjian province, Hong Kong and Macau are autonomous regions under China. China honored its covenants;  governments of India – whether Congress or BJP or an alliance many disparate parties –  went back on the covenant that Governor General Mountbaton signed, and was later assented by Nehru while Vallabhai Patel nodded approval.

Autonomy is the birthright of every Kashmiri under law. Stop killing Kashmiri citizens and the soldiers under the false pretense of patriotism.

For once, Chidambaram is right. Satyam Eva Jayate. 

The question is : after so much violence, would the Kashmiri be satisfied with what is his legal right?

Kashmir-Modi is a liar

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