In the past couple of months, I have been receiving an avalanche of names of followers to my writings. Someone tells me that one of my blogs is gone viral.  This is gratifying; which writer wouldn’t want to see more and more readers appreciating his writing?

Curiously, though, quite a few of these followers – mostly with Euro-American names – have a permutation of one or more of the last three letters of the alphabets – x, y and z-added to their e-mail identities, forming a pattern of sorts. For example,; ] launaatkinwigxy; ] alizaclynegorkz  and so on. Not all names seem Swedish or Scandinavian.

I am interested, if not intrigued, to know if this pattern is purely coincidental or not. Could Willey, Launa or someone else enlighten me on this? Surely, since you follow me (for which I am grateful) you read this and would like to tell me?

Thanks friends.

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