Heaven and Hell

Even if you have read this blog before, I think it is worth repeating in these days when men kill other men , women and children in the name of religion, hoping to go to heaven with 72 virgins and 8000 slaves, jewells and rubies hanging above them for illumination.

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Hell and Heaven

I am not an atheist. Atheism is as uncompromising a religion as Christianity or Islam or, of late, Hinduism. I have a strong suspicion that there is a God. Whether he lurks in all of us as micro cells with a huge amount of collective wisdom or is a unique macro organism of massive intelligence, I am yet to find out.

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said all religions are different roads to the same goal. So are all brands of alcohol and psychotropic substances.

Many years ago, I knew a lanky middle-aged drunkard called Anthony. One day he landed up in my house.

“Victoria always talks about you,” he said. Who is Victoria?

“Oh, you don’t know? Don’t tell me. She is the tallest girl who goes to St. Fatima school. She is seventeen and pretty, but is in class six. Misses her examination when…

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