These are three stories, all historic events, which are often repeated separately with pride by many Scholars as a proof of virtues of women and the kindness of the Messenger of God. Linking of the stories, pardon me, is my handiwork. A young woman approached Prophet Mohammed and confessed to him that she had committed … Continue reading WHY REPENTING WOMEN MUST BE STONED

Who was Aisha? Did Muhammad marry her when she was nine?

Not true. He married a six-year-old girl, Aisha, and consummated the marriage when she was nine after she was supposed to have menstruated. After that she grew up under the prophet's loving care. When she was eighteen, prophet died of old age and possibly from sexual exhaustion. It is said by the Sunni sect that the … Continue reading Who was Aisha? Did Muhammad marry her when she was nine?

Of two authors – one condemned for life.

Salman Rushdie wrote Satanic Verses ridiculing the core of Islamic beliefs - sanctity and perfection of their Prophet. Taslima Nasreen wrote Lajja, her shame in the happenings of her Country during a riot. Rushdie went into hiding when a fatwa for his murder was pronounced. . Nasreen was driven out of her country. Rushdie apologized and continued to sell his books. while basking in his new-found fame. Nasreen refused to apologize and continues to write about her travails.