I am Sorry if Atheism Hurts

Sorry, My Dear, if it hurts.

At a time when Zakir Naik was flitting about the Country promoting his religion by reciting quotations from Hindu scriptures and the Bible, but also inventing his own interpretations of Islamic tenets , he was warned by a group of the so-called Islamic scholars thus : “You can speak of comparative religion, but don’t interpret Islam.” What it meant was, insult Hindus and Christians all you want, but don’t touch our religion.

That is precisely what I am told, though obliquely, by my near and dear ones, and a ‘Swami’ who came to this foreign country to ‘bless’ an enterprise started by a noble young friend. Say whatever you wish to say about other faiths, but leave our religion alone.

Incidentally the ‘blessing’ of that Swami turned to be a useless and expensive exercise showing once again that poojas and sacrifices, worship of Swamis and Gurus yield nothing but disappointment.

All religions are borne of primitive mindsets and the need for a superior force to let one’s side win, Hence, all of them uniformly are – like plague, small pox and Encephalitis -, a curse on humanity. Scriptures are eulogy of wars (some historic, but mostly fantasized) between one tribe and another, between cousins, between a nephew and his uncle or between those who believed in a particular God and those who believed in another. Naturally, there is no peace in religion.

As science discovers more and more about the facts of this universe – about the smallest and the gargantuan – irreligion or atheism is bound to grow. There are far fewer attendees in European churches today than ever before. On the other hand, you find desperate revivalism among the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus leading to disruption of peace and loss of life in every part of this planet.

In 1893 Parliament of Religions, summoned by a section of Catholic priests in fear of the rising atheism, Archbishop of Canterbury Edward White Benson refused to participate on the ground that the only religion that deserved to be called a religion was Christianity. Today England, the land of that Arch Bishop, is one of the most secular countries in the world – more tolerant than the supposedly secular India. Interestingly, the last two Archbishops of Canterbury – Rowan Williams and Justin Welby – openly expressed their doubts about the war-like God of Judeo-Christian religions..

Religion and its synonym witchcraft thrive in the regions that have a stake in staying religious – such as parts of Africa, the Middle East, American South (many of whom consider Abraham Lincoln evil) and most Islamic Countries.

Those who find themselves at the losing end act like a cornered cat – by fighting back fiercely. This explains the aggressive Islamic revivalism in the Middle East and most other Islamic Countries. A section of the Hindus in India reacts spiteful cow worship, majoritarianism, the back-to-Ramrajya call and selective denial of citizenship to Muslim immigrants. Christian preachers of South India and those in parts of Africa come out with the weirdest ‘miracles’ to buffer their dying tribe of the gullible.

O’Neill Pub, a former Presbyterian Church at Maxwell Hill, London North has been turned into a bar, attendace has improved manifold.Photo with thanks from https://www.businessinsider.com/churches-in-england-are-being-converted-to-bars-photos-2014-3

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