Jesus and Matthew : The part that Matthew Forgot

When Jesus was speaking to the crowd, someone said aloud:

“Look, Lord, Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.” 

Visibly offended, Jesus replied, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?”

Pointing to the crowd of followers, He said: “These are my Mothers and my brothers.”

The crowd clapped their hands and chanted, “Praise the Lord. Son of a Virgin.”

Then Matthew said : “Lord, here are two people waiting to be healed.”

Jesus looked at him, raised his eyebrows, as if to ask : “Can they be trusted?”

Matthew nodded.

And Jesus beckoned them and healed them. The man who limbed walked straight. The woman who was mute shouted Alleluia.

They went home praising the powers of the Son of God.

When the crowd dispersed, Jesus  went behind a rock, where no crowd could see him.

Matthew faithfully followed him. .

“Who is that idiot who spoke aloud about my Mother  and my brothers? He will surely go to hell and be skewered and barbecued till eternity.” Said Jesus.

Matthew shuddered at the thought. He said,

“Maybe he is a spy of the Pharisees. He deserves to be skewered till eternity, my Lord, for bringing a bad name to my Lord who is the Son of a Virgin,”

“Now that the crowd has dispersed,” whispered Jesus, “ Really I say to you, I am neither a terrible  son nor a bad brother. You can bring them in – my Mother and my brothers,”

Matthew went to meet Virgin Mary and her many sons whom she delivered with much more pain than normal because she was cursed with eternal virginity.

“Mother of Jesus,” said Matthew: “Your son would now see you.”

“Who is my son?” Retorted Mary. “Each of these boys here whom I delivered with much pain is my son. Tell your master that I don’t wish to see the one who disowned me in public and wishes to see me in private. Tell him I’ll own him only when I see him suspended on a cross for the crime of disowning his own mother who gave him birth with much disgrace for being raped by a fiend who called himself God’s spirit.”

Then she and her sons walked away in rancor.

When Matthew told him all that happened, Jesus went back behind the rock and cried..


3 thoughts on “Jesus and Matthew : The part that Matthew Forgot

  1. Way too much ad libbing even by deceiving Muslim standards. You are a liar of note go and read the texts and you will see this guy is a Shumuck of Middle Eastern decent.


    1. Of course, the latter part of the story is not in the Bible. I was fantasizing what a split personality – one that advises to turn the other cheek and forgiving his tormentors; the other which curses a tree for not yielding a fruit when not in season, refusing to heal a Canaanite but healing an oppressive Roman officer’s servant and boasting about it – like Jesus would do after refusing to meet his mother in public. Like it or not, what I wrote is a bigger probability than gentle Jesus refusing and denying his mother and brothers in public and not giving a second thought about it.

      Incidentally, I am indeed decent, but not of Middle Eastern descent.


  2. Perhaps his DNA and the Virgin birth escapes your high powered deceptions. Technically He was an incarnation in the flesh. 1 Timothy 3:16
    John 19:26ff speaks of his mother in the family of God. James his brother thought like you and He became a leader in the Jerusalem Church. Fleshly Israel was referred to as a fig tree. Perhaps you never read that his apostles understood it to be a miracle. As to not healing a Canaanite he did heal Canaanite woman’s child. How do you know the Roman officer was oppressive? You are so wrong in your assumptions I feel sure you did not read the text
    16 The “mystery of godliness” is revealed in a Person, even Jesus Christ. The creedal statement in this verse speaks particularly about the incarnate Christ. (1) The eternal Son of God, existing as pure spirit, was made visible in his incarnation, when he became a human being. (2) Christ’s profound claims were vindicated by his miracles, climaxing in his resurrection; these were sure evidences that he was the sinless Son of God. (3) During his earthly ministry angels watched over him (Mt 4:11; Lk 22:43). (4) After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the message of Christ (cf. 1 Co 1:23) and of salvation in his name was proclaimed among the Gentile nations of the world. (5) People all over the world believed in Christ as they heard the preached message. (6) Finally, he “was taken up in glory”–a reference to his ascension in Acts 1:1-11. This was the climax of his earthly ministry. Preaching Christ means preaching his life, death, resurrection, and ascension as the glorified Lord. (Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary, eds. Kenneth L. Barker & John R. Kohlenberger III [Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI 1994], Volume 2: New Testament, pp. 900-901; italic emphasis ours)

    Mandela was a registered terrorist in South Africa and in the USA where he was listed as a terrorist on the FBI website. He was not a man of peace. So you hate Jesus and love Mandela. He was caught at Rivonia with communist weapons and went to prison. Did your beloved ANC turn the other cheek. Is the tree of this nation not cursed and withering in the hands of these evil wicked men. Why Won’t Mandela Renounce Violence?
    By David G. Sanders New York Times. The article states that neither Mandella nor the ANC will renounce violence at that time. What of Shell house and the murder of those Zulus. What of Marican and Ramaposas freind at Lonmin mines. London mining company. Peter Hammond is right and you have a serious incongruity’s in your altar of personalities and you call that which is good evil and evil good. No wonder you are a Communist mindset.


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