How can we all prevent terrorism from originating?


My answer to How can we all prevent terrorism from originating?

Answer by Vishu Menon:

There can be pious answers to this question, and considered ones. To give a factual assessment to your question, and to furnish a considered answer, one needs to understand what exactly you mean by preventing terrorism.

  • Animals terrorize by baring their teeth, by snarling, pretending to be larger than they are or by actually striking.
  • Parents terrorize their children and teachers terrorize their students with fierce warnings, punishment by a bigger terrorist than themselves called God, or by striking, slapping, flogging.
  • Husbands terrorize their wives with domestic violence; wives terrorize their husbands with allegations of domestic violence.
  • South Asians burn their wives/daughters-in-law/Sisters-in-law to terrorize the victims’ parents to give them more dowry or more gold or better cars.
  • Men on the prowl, in trains and buses, in subways and highways, offices or restaurant-kitchen, terrorize women with rape; some women terrorize men with allegations of rape.
  • A child is under constant terror of being sodomized, vagina-split, mouth-stuffed, thigh-shot or generally assaulted by priests, cousins, uncles, neighbors, teachers, headmasters, step-fathers, why, even biological parents.
  • Girls in the womb are in terror of being choked to death, buried alive or poisoned to death and starved to death if they they managed to be born
  • Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists in that order terrorize Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists (n a roughly reverse or random order) to fleeing their burning homes.
  • United States terrorizes the rest of the world with aerial bombing, ‘sanctions'(which means blocking the money you put in in their banks) and distributing genocidal weapons – some for free, the rest for large sums of money.
  • Dictators terrorize their subjects by unbearable taxation, torture, use of watching big brothers and murder.
  • Preachers terrorize believers of other religions or non-believers by punishment in hell, or here on earth, or by ritual murder or inquisition.
  • Priests terrorize believers into conformity. (Thankfully, of late a failing enterprise ).
  • Gods punish through their scriptures by asking believers to kill men, women, children, infants in the womb and cattle or simply by asking them to ‘do their duty’ which is killing their brothers.
  • Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacists terrorize Blacks, Jews and Asians.
  • Semi-literate American Customs/immigration officers in American airports terrorize Muslims, Sikhs who wear clothes that roughly resemble those of a dead terrorist, people who speak English that does not sound like an American dialect that passes off for English, Arabic or any and all other languages that sound like Arabic to them.
  • White policemen terrorize black men by picking random samples and shooting them dead.
Eric Garner chokehold2
  • Trump terrorizes Muslims, Mexicans and makes an attempt at terrorizing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in that order.
  • Mr. Modi’s supporters terrorize minority citizens with a beef-ban law that could be used against eating or carrying in railway carriages any form of food.
  • Dalits are terrorized and beaten up for skinning dead cows; also for refusing to skin dead cows in fear of being terrorized.
  • Crude men who never loved terrorize young lovers with stripping and flogging, accusing them of love-jihad while parents and uncles kill their daughters for dishonoring them by falling in love.
  • Indian ‘High-castes’ (mostly filthy men who scratch their arses and squeeze their balls in public) terrorize low-caste women with rape and their menfolk with murder.
  • Indian VIPs terrorize ordinary travelers out of the road while they flit around city roads while their gunmen, close relations and distant relations terrorize the public or drive their cars over street-sleepers.
  • ‘Patriotic’ Hindus terrorize all those who do not chant “Victory to Mother-Bharat” , (even though  Mother-Bharat is not at war), refuse to do yoga, also Muslim teachers of yoga, those who do not pay obeisance to the sun in school, do not study Gita, read an Urdu newspaper in public or cringe their nostrils at the sight of sacred cow-shit and cow-piss.
  • Saudi Government terrorizing their women with live decapitation shows
Saudi decapitation
  • Bloated policemen terrorize the citizens of South Asia by their very presence.
  • Pious Muslims put up boards in London streets to terrorize London police to stay out of bounds and promise to flog those who do not obey a primitive set of unlawful laws called Sharia Law(-lessness).
  • Saudi Arabia terrorizes its citizens with Public flogging and televised head-axing.
  • Iran performs one-up-manship on Saudi Arabia to terrorize three times that many citizens of own and gives the jitters to Nethanyahu and his friendly Republican senators in America.

Tunisian beheaded for apostacy

  • Kim-Jong-Un terrorizes the citizenry, his own family, South Koreans, and the Americans.
  • America terrorizes Kim-Jong-Un, North Koreans and tries to terrorize China.
  • Israelis terrorize Palestinians while teenagers in Palestine (mostly occupied by Israelis through sheer terrorism) with crude bombs and catapults.
  • Kashmiri terrorists terrorize themselves in return for Indian army terrorizing them.
  • Pakistani terrorists who sneak in to India terrorize sleeping border police and army families.
  • Pakistani army terrorizes Indian villagers; Indian army returns the compliment by terrorizing Pakistani villagers.
  • Pakistani government terrorizes Swat Valley; Swat Valley send Taliban to terrorize students into their early graves.
  • Taliban and Boko Haram terrorize women’s education, education in general, and the general public in that order.
  • Al Shabab terrorizes mall-goers and hotel residents.
  • Bashar Al-Assad terrorizes his own subjects; America, Europe and a group of Sunni Arabian rulers terrorize Al-Assad.
  • Europeans terrorize asylum-seekers and asylum-seekers terrorize European way of life.
  • Islamic State terrorizes the world by committing public head-slicing on journalists, aid-givers, Red Cross, NGO Good Samaritans and generally all unarmed men; Kill married women; rape and enslave virgins as stipulated in the ‘Book’ (Holy Bible).

That’s part of my list; you might call this an attempt at fair sampling.

Of these, Sir, which terrorism are your referring to?

How can we all prevent terrorism from originating?

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