iSI  of Pakistan, right at its inception and later under the self-destructed dictator Zia-ul-Haq Zia Ul Huqinvented and taught terrorism in hundreds of Madrasas in Pakistan in the name of Islam. Gradually it permeated through the world – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Libya – every Muslim Country West of the Sindh except Iran, which happens to practise Islam of a different kind. The battles are largely between Muslims of one kind and the other – in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.A kind of large scale religious suicide.

Americans, who supplied  Pakistan with arms, naturally ended up as one of the worst sufferers. They armed Pakistan to ostensibly to fight the Soviets. To  placate Pakistan while in 1971 it was conducting a genocide on the Muslims of their Eastern Wing – now Bangladesh – nIXONIAN ADVENTUREPresident Nixon made a futile attempt to attack India from the Bay of Bengal with its Seventh Fleet.  The undeservedly famed CIA did not foresee that Soviet Union that they wanted to defeat crumbled under its own weight. Curiously, even after the Afghan war that ended in 1979, Ameerica’s  free arming of Pakistan continues to this day – presumably  to keep factories in the US occupied. Over  3000 innocents – mostly American citizens  died in the gruesome attack on the Trade Centers that Pakistan-trained carried out with America’s own passenger aircraft as weapons, the exercise of  arming the epicenter of terrorism  by Americans continues. What bombs that the Americans somehow cannot drop on civilians in Afghanistan or Iraq  it supplies to a jubilant Pakistan. It has come to a state that if America disconnects its supplies, Pakistan would crumble. Yet the training of international terrorists on Pakistan soil goes on unabated –  government-sponsored Islamic organizations spew venom on America incessantly.. .

Don’t forget that Pakistan is a country that hunted Osama Bin Laden Osamawith Americans in the North-West mountains while keeping him right within their protective vision. Why waste time proving to them that Dawood is in Karachi or that Mohammad Naveed Yakub is from their Country when his father living there says yes, he is my son? Don’t you know that Pakistan does not care for their own trusting soldiers or suicide squads once they are dead? Don’t you recall that they refused to take back the bodies of their soldiers who gave their lives for their
ajmal-kasab-deadcause  in Kargil, or to recognize, or even arrange a prayer for the nine of the suicide mission who were trained by them to attack Bombay, and Kasaab who was caught and hanged in India?

How many parents in Pakistan  would be seething with that treachery, do you think?

Why discuss terrorism with its masters and waste your time? Terrorism is a self-destruct mechanism, just as suicide bombing is. From Musharaff’s time, Pakistan has been fighting its own trained people equipped with American self-loading guns and rocket launchers   withPervez-Musharraf new  American bombs and drones, blaming America when a drone gets sighted or is shot down. There is a raging fire out there. . When a hundred-thirty school children engaged in their projects were shot Peshawar school attackdead in cold blood  by ISI-trained terrorists, the citizens made frantic calls to halt  terrorism and its training on their soil. You can’t snuff out a raging fire by calling out slogans, can you?.

So while Pakistan is in the process of destroying itself,   now and then a spark inevitably falls on India.    To keep those fall-outs at bay, India should keep its eyes and ears open at the borders. Use that ancient battle technique – build fortress walls where our villagers are at risk.Keep your ammunition dry for the time when, God forbid, a need might arise.  Electrocute or shoot infiltrators at sight. Feel sorry for them for becoming victims of their own treacherous military who won’t even give them a decent burial, but do not spare them. Once made mad by religious frenzy, always mad by religious frenzy. Our own Hindu zealots provide proof to that maxim.

So give your own citizens the reassurance of safety – regardless of their faith. If you fail to do that, you would be following the self-destruct policy of Pakistan yourself just as VHP, RSS and other Hindu-Rashtra ‘sadhu’ and ‘sadhvis’ are persuading you to.

Ajit_Doval_2014On 24th of this month (August 2015), let  Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz meet Kashmir’s Hurriyat leaders to his heart’s content before he meets his Indian Counterpart. Ajit Doval can then discuss the weather with him over a cup of his favourite (Doval’s) brew and bid him adieu.

Sartaj AziziSartaj Aziz can then go back and continue the process at self-destruct –  if he manages not to get shot by one of his trainees in the meanwhile..


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