Freedom to think

Freedom to speak what I think

Freedom to write what I need to write

Freedom to ask for information

Freedom to blow the whistle

Freedom to evolve and escape the past

Freedom to discover, invent and announce

Freedom to read or not to read Quran, Bible, Gita or Granth Sahib

Freedom to do or not to do yoga

Freedom to believe

Freedom to say I do not believe

Freedom to wear my hair the way I like

Freedom to decide whether to wear dress, sari, jeans or mini-skirt

Freedom to prevent hurting

Freedom to decide my language

Freedom to travel wherever, including Pakistan

Freedom to laugh and make laugh at political idiots

Freedom to laugh and make laugh at communal idiots

Freedom to stay in my religion or to convert if I wish

Freedom to marry by consent, not by force

Freedom to hold hands, pay compliments, date

Freedom to keep my genitals as nature made them.

Freedom to love and make love to an adult with consent

Freedom to decide how many kids, or no kids

Freedom to take a walk at time and place of my choice

Freedom to praise Modi or to decry Modi

Freedom from thieves and greedy, sadistic police

Freedom from Khap Panchayats and Jirgas and Shariah Courts

Freedom from Muslim Fatwas, VHP fatwas, Catholic fatwas, protestant fatwas

Freedom from parental , institutional and school torture.

Freedom from Babas, Baboos, Sadhus, Mullahs and evangeilsts

Freedom from rape and molestation

Freedom from being told what to eat and what not to eat

Freedom from being stabbed, shot or bombed for my blogs.


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