None of the original articles or news items I refer here were authored by me. They were on the social media with a Share button, so I guess none of them is copyright. The comments are entirely mine. Some of the pieces are hilarious, others are shocking;  Most of them are ether terrific howlers or worthy of notice.

June 27

Shashi Tharoor got brickbats from his own party for praising Modi in May 2014 for his development platform (What development? Tharoor was also the first known politician outside BJP to join the Swatchh Bharat (Clean India)  slogan and to clean streets in Thiruvananthapuram. Now Tharoor comes up with facts and figures you can’t dispute unless you happen to be a Modi-Bhakt. (Modi-devotee)…/slogans-vs-reality-12-simple-facts-on…

Shashi Tharoor shares his simple recital of bare facts – one for each of Mr Modi’s months in office to date, juxtaposed with the related Moditva slogan.
May 21

Like all BJP underlings of Modi, Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman is mistaking Mr. Modi’s image as India’s image. That letter to the US was the right thing to do – it assured the minorities that the entire country had not turned against them; that secularism still existed in India.

By his speeches and tweets, Modi certainly appears to be a reformed man – just as LK advani says he regretted the destruction of the mosque and couldn’t sleep that nigt. His supporter’s sayings, which Modi had never rejected in public, tells us a different story. Hindu Rashtra by 2019, temple as soon as the urgent work is complete, Muslims and Christians should publicly state that their ancestors were Hindus if they want to stay in India – come on, what purpose does it serve if Modi gNDTV's photo.reets Muslims on Eid and Christians on Christmas if these objectives are repeatedly stated by his supporters so that the presence of their undercurrents are never lost on a fifth of the population?

The hurried visa issuance and showering of praises on Modi is a passing phase; it just shows that neither the West nor the East is beyond hyperbole.

 NDTV Nirmala Sitharaman to Sachin Pilot

While India’s GDP is pegged at 7.7%, China is projected to grow at 7%.
  • Why do they try fool us like this? You might as well say that Papua New Guinea, one of the poorest countries in the world (but higher per-capita GDP than India), will beat the entire world – US, China, India will be left behind – their predicted growth rate by G20 is 19.3%.Strife-ridden Democratic Republic of Congo will grow by 9.2%, Ethiopia by 8.6% -all projections by the same International agency that predicts a 0.007% higher growth of 2.05 trilion dollar India over 11 trillion dollar China still pulls away from India, while per capita GDP is down due to higher population growth of India vis-a-vis China.. 


May 19

The wife of a Russian lady was curious to know how Madhya Pradesh (Central India) Home minister wore his dhoti  ( one-piece un-stitched cloth worn in place of trousers) without a buckle or a belt. Mr. Babulal Gaur, 84, the minister, speaking to a large audience,  said  proudly that this is what he said:

I told her I can’t teach you how to wear (a dhoti), but I can teach you how to remove it, that too later, not now,”

Babulal gaurSurprised at the crude sense of Putin in fighting moodhumour of a dignitary? Don’t be.  At least two ministers in Modi cabinet are elementary school dropouts; a few are tenth class pass or fail.

 May be he said those sweet nothings to Mrs. Putin. No wonder Putin is gunning for a fight these days.


 May 19 · 
 Look, I do not know if he is a man of God. He is certainly what Jesus called himself -Son of Man, a real man beyond the shackles of his priesthood..

He has the courage to recognize Palestine State – which Obama promised to do during his election campaign and Cameron is too cowardly to do anyway unless, like Tony Blair, the Americans handled the hot skewer first. At least Ed Milliband had the courage to ask his partymen to vote for Palestinian statehood.

I love this Pope who also said:

Vishu Menon's photo.
  • Mr. Modi went to Israel and praised them- no doubt a national necessity. India has always been friendly with Jews; it is one of the , if not the, only Country that gave honourable  refuge to Jews running from persecution in the West. However, Modi skipped the other true citizens of the place- Palestinians. At least he did not de-recognize what his Country did 27 years ago- Palestine State. Small mercies.These below are the countries that recognized the bonafide state:

    Vishu Menon's photo.

May 15

Last heard, Kim Jong Un is setting aside a few ballistic missiles to deal with a couple of fawning guys here peeping over his shoulder. Earlier young Kim  found to his dismay that using a few anti-aircraft guns  to execute a hanger-on General  wasn’t spectacular enough.

Vishu Menon's photo.

May 13

This is worthy of repetition as a full-fledged post. The “Best PM, East of West”, Amma (Mother) is Madam Jayalalithaa, a former film actress  who lost her Chief Minister’s chair when a Civil Court convicted her for corruption but got re-seated a second time when the High Court found the quantum of corruption inadequate for conviction.

Click the picture to note the facial expression of complete devotion on George Bush, Barck Obama and Shinzo Abe. Why is Xi Jinping absent? One explanation is that Communists don’t trust gods and goddesses. However, fearful of Amma’s wrath, he sent his foreign minister Wang Yi. (or is it former President Hu Jintao?)

I swear , I didn’t photoshop this. It is a genuine poster you might still see in some streets in Chennai, the largest city in Southern India. (The posters were put up by her partymen in the hope that there would be a hung parliament after the May 2014 general elections, and that would give the lady a chance to be the Prime Minister of India)

Vishu Menon's photo.
 Incidentally, Prime Minister Modi, whose election plank was a promise to root out corruption was the first person to call Jayalalithaa and congratulate her for easing out of the prison. Was there a hint that he had a hand in the great escape?

May 27

Guinness Book of Records, where are you? Please rush to India for the best and the most hilarious record of them all.
A godman, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh (his name is supposed to indicate the universality of religions), who has over a million or more followers, preaches to the converted, produces films with himself as a super hero, has persuaded, and got, at least four hundred men – yes, four hundred of them last heard, others may be in the queue –  to cut off their testicles to be able to spurn sexgurmeet-ram-rahim-singh and get closer to God.
Ram Rahim is right, of course, all religions tell you that sex is a terrible thing; God hates it unless it is for the specific purpose of pollution by population.
Read all about it in by clicking here.
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