None of these entries are originally mine, but extracted from internet and newspaper sources which permit sharing. Only the comments, wherever they appear. are mine. I claim no credit, but think it is worthwhile for my readers to spend a few moments on each one of  them. Skip the entries you had read in original.

  1. You youngsters might not know who Sammy Davis Junior was. He was black, thin as a reed, and if actor-singer-comedian Dean Martin is to be believed, had a height of 4’6””. Sammy at the height of his career was then recognized as the greatest entertainer of his time (at least in the US – the greatest in the US is automatically the greatest in the universe. But in Sammy’s case, I might concur without hesitation). During breaks in his show Sammy had to wait outside while his support team entertained themselves in the changing room drinking beer. John Kennedy owed a good share of his election victory to him – but could not invite Sammy to his inauguration – not because he was black, but the white community would not tolerate the presence of the black man who  had the audacity to marry a white woman.

May 10 at 8:50am ·

What is the finest solo show you had ever seen and ever would? Mr. Bojangles by Sammy Davis Jr. Listen to the words, imbibe the pathos and empathize with the character in the theme – an aged dancer with worn-out shoes.

Sammy Davis Jr. – Mr. Bojangles

This is Sammy Davis Jr.’s Version of “Mr. Bojangles”.

  1. This, from the Los Angeles Times, needs no further elaboration than the article and my facebook comment that follow.


May 10 at 5:22am ·

2.    Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious hatred – our (India’s)  police force is not alone. This is from Los Angeles Time.

San Francisco distt. attorney George Gascon…/la-me-ln-sf-police-probe-20150507-…

 3,000 cases possibly affected by S.F. police texting, D.A. says

Prosecutors here are expanding an investigation into criminal cases that might have been compromised by revelations of police officers’ racist and homophobic texts , Dist. Atty. George Gascon announced Thursday.



  1. The drunk driver was Salman Khan, popular more for his good looks and physique than for his acting skills. Some thirteen years ago, inebriated to the nostrils, he drove his SUV onto the pavement, killing a man and injuring a few others. In Bombay people sleep on the pavement because they have no shack to sleep in(dream of a house? Come on, this is Bombay) or because their tarpaulin-and-cardboard shack is too crowded).

Salman Khan told the court that he went to a cocktail party in a bar with friends , but only had water (even better than Phantom, if you remember the old cartoon character who would ask for a glass of milk)salman-khan-mumbai-court

To add insult to death, other celebrities like singer Abhijeet, who get their money from the poor who alone go to see the Bollywood song-and-dance routine, tweeted :  “Roads are meant for cars nd dogs not for people sleeping on them.” No prize for guessing why they included dogs in that tweet. Thankfully, a sensitive court has ordered that the shameless ‘celebrities’ be charged .abhijeet

Those stupid comments, which expose the mindset of ‘celebrities’ who live off the poor in India maight make it harder for Salman to get a reprieve from a higher court.


May 10 at 5:00am ·

Still feel sorry for the drunk driver because of his good looks and terrible histrionics?

Pavement dwellers

Click below for this heart-rending letter from a street-sleeper.

In a letter to her sister-in-law, Mumbai’s Heena writes about the hardships and…



  1. America wins its Olympic medals, basket ball glory, musical greatness and military success with people whose identity still lie with Africa after 20 generations – African Americans! White  men, even those who came in a few years ago are simply known as Americans. What is worse, the Blacks now think it necessary to carry a placard that proclaims : “Black lives matter

    NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.
    NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

The white police don’t think so. They have a job to do. Eliminate the lot, just as HG Wells suggested.  Despite a black man who usurped the White house, they know that a majority of whites in the US do not  think that they matter .

May 9 at 12:21am 

You think ISIS are the only inhuman crowd in the world? Watch how Eric Garner was killed by US gangsters in Uniform (Warning : This video has ghastly scenes and is not for the feeble-hearted). Click the photo for the full video.Eric Garner chokehold

Footage filmed by a bystander shows Eric Garner being wrestled to the ground and killed by stranglehold)…



  1. Jayalalithaa Jayaram (the second a in the first name is a later addition for conjuring good luck) was the heroine of Srilanka-born (to Kerala parents) Tamil hero and two-time Chief minster of Tamil Nadu state, MG Ramachandran. She has been in office four times – alternating the tenure with her archrival and another film personality, aged script writer M. Karunanidhi.

How close she was to the people’s hero MG Ramachandran is disputed. The dispute came out in the open when, upon his death, Janaki Ramachandran, his wedded wife, staked a claim for the Chief Minister’s mantle and got it for a few days. Thenl Rajiv Gandhi – the youngest and handsomest Prime Minister of India with the ugliest records of administration – dismissed her .Oh, yes, we have a federal government but Rajiv’s grandfather Nehru showed that the Center can dismiss with impunity any elected state government. In the event, the wife and –ehem – the close friend reconciled; wife inherited much of the wealth and Jayalalithaa got the chair..How she more than made up for the loss of wealth is what the case was all about.

The indictment against Jayalalitha-a (lately known as Amma– Mother) was that while she was chief minister between 1991 and 1996, with an income to the tune of 90 million rupees to show, she had amasses wealth – in connivance with  a female friend and her ‘adopted’ son – of over 536 million.

Supreme Court agreed with the plaintiff that a  Tamil court could not be trusted to try the case fairly. So the suit went to the neighbouring state of Karnataka, where after several, years, Special Judge John Micahel Cunha sentenced Jayalalithaa  to four years in jail and a fine of a Billion Rupees. The sentence unseated her as well. Seemingly Shocked and unable to bear their sorrow, 224 of her loving subjects committed suicide. Nothing surprising about it,  even when a B-grad actor dies, a few dozen  Tamil fans commit suicide and secure a few moments of fame. A gentleman named Panneer Selvam who prostrates before her first thing in the morning just as some others would prostrate before the image of a god or goddess, took over the chief ministership and took oath, shedding copious tears. On a previous occasion too, it was his job to keep the seat warm. It was a given that the wily Amma would come out sooner than later.PannerSelvam prostrating

On appeal, the case against Jaylalithaa was dismissed and the sentence set aside.  She regretted that she did not have the power to revive those two hundred – odd fans  who died in her name. Panneer Selvam, the seat-warming chief minister happily relinquished his chair and prostrated at her feet again.

Khushboo  – multi-linguistic film actress, once anointed by her fans as a goddess in Tamil Nadu with a temple for her as deity, later thrown off the pedestal for saying the right thing in answer to a question  –“ No educated man would expect his fiancée to be a virgin. But when involved in pre-marital sex, a woman should protect herself from becoming pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases..”. Tamil Nadu erupted in howling protest.  Jayalalithaa – the ‘close friend’ and filmi heroine of the former chief minister and hence the rightful claimant to the mantle – was the chief minister when her subjects hounded the woman;  Khushboo had to go into hiding, and even when she appeared in court to defend herself , slippers and rotten eggs were flung at her for “insulting Tamil culture”. We are to believe that the close relationship between the current actress-chief minister and the former actor-chief minister were merely platonic and artistic.Khushboo Sundar

Central government is now under Prime Minister Modi, who vowed to fight corruption. Now , all of a sudden, the High Court found no fault with Jayalalitha-a’s amassing of wealth. Mr. Modi was also the first dignitary to call and congratulate her for escaping the noose of a serious corruption case. What is the connection?

This is what Khushboo  tweeted:

May 15

Kushboo Sundar

EUREKA!! Never knew ‪#‎AIADMK was the spokesparty for ‪#‎BJP in TN..cmpltly understand the reason behind the support.

Khushboo dear, you should know that it is never safe in Tamil Nadu to speak the truth. Especially when it was established by ‘Amma’ in real life.


  • The British are funny. Once on board a train in Rajasthan, a friend of mine received an unsolicited blow job from a young Briton travelling the same compartment.   The man (Briton) in hippy clothes appeared to relish his work while my friend was embarrassed. Not particularly sounding grateful, he asked the guy:

How did you c—suckers and pedophiles manage to rule India for two hundred years?”

When we came, we sucked up to the Maharajahs”, reasoned the Briton. “Then for the rest of the period, they sucked up to us,”

May 7

How many times have Indian politics been ridiculed for the number of parties fighting elections? Take heart. More than 450 parties registered for UK elections this year. Of them, there was a Common Sense Party, Say No Party, Class War Party and one that put up 32 candidates, no less – Canabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party (CISTA) with 8 candidates fighting in London alone, Everyone of them, of course, lost his deposit after making a point. Class War party showed their readiness for violence in practice (by burning at least one effigy) and showering choice epithets at more prominent party leaders as shown in my comment below..

Class War Party posterClass war party

I had thought Labour Party better of the two until Tony Blair formed the axis of evil against humanity with George Bush. Since then Margaret Thatcher got a halo in my political photo album and Winston Churchill got wings.


  • May 6
  1. This entry I shared with (or borrowed from) needs no further elaboration than my comment below as it appeared in facebook.

How Australia became white through 19th to 20th century (Not to forget how America is trying to become white in the 21st).How Australia became white

Click here to view the video and to get most of the story.Then judge who who were worse – the American ‘Pioneers’ of the 17th Century or the British Convict-exiles of the 18th.

Those who write history write it for their victorious masters.

Acknowledgement : Video by the BBC·


  1. This young man didn’t mention young and old  pious men feeding other young men as gun fodder and as drones’ ploughing fields


May 5

 I am fed up of war

Vishu Menon This picture was culled from…/20-breathtaking-pictures…/

20 Breathtaking Pictures Of The Human Race


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