If all my wish were to come true it’d be cool

No child will need to work but will go to school

Old men who want to marry kids will be slapped

Sex will be taught in class, not on principal’s lap.


No zombie will hurt or rape a girl or her brother.

Suicide bomber will kill himself, but none other.

Girls will marry if when and whom they wished

None will be stoned or drowned or for that reason whipped


There will be no hunting of animals for sport or treasure,

Clerics will not promise psychotic killers heavenly treasure

Youngsters will learn that houries and demons are just fake

Life has to be lived, and for that you got to give and take.


Airlines will fly safe, ships will sail with grace

Trains and buses will run on time and be safe

None will drive after a drinking bash or drugged snort

None will beat his wife and think that was very smart


Policemen on beat will have nothing to report

Soldiers will stay pleased in competitive sport

Yankees will stop selling guns and armaments

Russians will stay happy with the borders they got


Sun will shine on all, the rains will come and go on time

Servants will be machines, not humans who slave for a dime

When you walk, drive or cycle down the public highway

You won’t be stopped cause a VIP has the right of way.


Chinese will introduce strict quality control

Indians will not kill, but will keep their tongues in control

Muslims will not kill Muslims, nor any one for that matter

Christians will not bomb hundreds to kill a Taliban master


Migrants will be grateful, not try to change their hosts

To cultures and ways better forgotten and forever lost

There will just be no kind of  human trafficking

Thos who try it for joy or money will be sent packing


You will know that your  benchmark for beauty

Needn’t be the colour and nose you saw as a kiddy

Every skin shade has its beauty so they’d  end the pageants

That makes some shades seem better – like  albino’s agents


Gods will stay put in  their homes, never seen  in streets

Nor Muezzin’s calls, blaring conk shells and bells that bleat

Preachers will end their fake shows of healing

Teachers will teach without race or colour feeling


If that happens there will be all-round happiness, my dear

It’d never be like the days that went by this last year

Arson, killing, bombing, ruin, death and life full of fear

Let that not be from  today, this bright and promising New Year.

 Happiness to All

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2 thoughts on “MY NEW YEAR WISH

  1. Dear Mr. Menon – I’m a regular follower of your blog.

    I share almost all your views on God and religion. Unfortunately, these days, very few in our society, even among youngsters, honestly question such age old perceptions. Yours is a rare voice, so very consistent and liberal.

    I like your narrations, they have a pleasing and thought provoking style.

    Wish you a very happy new year!


    1. Thank you, Arjun. You have a wonderful New Year with all your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell me what you don’t like about my write-ups.


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