Bhagwan (Don’t laugh, the word means God, and there are – or there used to be – any number of judges, lawyers, chartered accountants, businessmen and politicians to certify that the honorific is well placed) Sathya Sai Baba is the true reason why there is total world peace today. Probably you all suffer from hallucination if you feel that world peace doesn’t exist. It does.  I have a divine statement in writing to prove the point.

In an interview with RK Karanjia, the editor of Blitz, an English tabloid that was hugely popular in India in the nineteen-seventies for its sharp and often acidic reporting style, this is what the said God said: (September 1976):

First of all, you must grasp the complete oneness of the three incarnations of contemporary times with those of the past like Rama and Krishna. This is a difficult task. When people cannot understand the present, how can they comprehend the past? Every incarnation is full and complete in relation to the time, environment and the task. There is no distinction between the various appearances of God as Rama, Krishna or Sai.

Rama came to feed the roots of truth and righteousness, Krishna followed to foster the plant of peace and love. Now these sacred principles are in danger of wholesale destruction by reason of human weakness under the onslaught of evil forces. They are overcoming the good, the spiritual and the divine in man. That is why the present Avathar has come invested with the totality of cosmic power to save dharma (righteousness) from anti-dharma”.

Q (RKK) : “By the present Avathar, you mean Sai Baba? “

Baba: “Yes”

If you think that was enough to reassure you, please stand by. There is more to come in order to elaborate that point. In answer to the next question, the said Bhagwan also said:

Previous Avathars like Rama and Krishna had to destroy a few individuals who could be identified as enemies of the godly way of life and thus restore the dharmic path. Today, however, wickedness has tainted so many that humanity itself stands under the threat of destruction. Therefore, in My present Avathar, I have come armed with the fullness of the power of formless God to correct mankind, raise human consciousness and put people back on the right path of truth, righteousness, peace and love to divinity”.

So there. If you worship Rama and Krishna (not to forget the murderous Brahmin, the Dwarf, the Man-lion, Pig, Turtle and the Fish), they had come for limited purposes. This God, Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba,  had taken human form with full power to correct mankind (including George Bush, Tony Blair, Ku Klux Klan,  ISIS, Al Qaeda, , Saudi head-choppers, Boko-Haram marriage brokers, LET, Haqqani Network,  Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Hizbul Mujahideen, Babbar Khalsa, SIMI, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bhujrang Bal, Suicide bombers, the whole lot of them), to raise human consciousness (and away from the forty virgins waiting for the suicide bombers) and to put people on the right path of truth, righteousness and peace et al.

Mission accomplished nearly a decade ahead of the promised schedule, this final human incarnation of a formless God took leave of this world three years ago.

Total world peace prevails. Thank God.

 Epilogue :

If you wish to know more about this God and his peaceful ways, I invite you to the following site with a lot many links that you could spend a day with in total devotion: .

For further clarifications on this and all other divine persons, please also read :


Having read the draft, a friend asked me: “Why are you flogging a dead horse?”

I said : “This Horse lives in the minds of many devotees, including my wife.”


  1. Thanks Vishumenon for this huge reassurance! I am so glad that it is all a delusion about conflicts and, for example, that ISIS is not beheading people in Iraq and Syria… and all due to Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba’s Magnificent Grace!
    BTW, I received your message about photos on-line. We in the exposé of Sai Baba have had massive troubles for years, now abated since the worst of all Sai Baba trolls apparently worked himself to death defaming people (not least by perverting photos of us and our families and friends) and died in 2010. Photos of us having been leaked or inadvertently having come on-line. Proving copyright is also VERY difficult as most web servers ignore complaints unless it comes from an (expensive) lawyer.
    I am glad you are continuing to wrote blogs, everything with good sense and values to elevate those who are not so fortunate is so essential to the future!


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