A couple of days ago my friend Llew Fernandez relayed an interesting  chain mail to me. I enjoy his mails – some of them deeply thoughtful, some seriously thought-provoking and  others deliciously naughty. I love them all. This one laid claim to the date 26 of any month on the Calendar as one of disasters. The title hinted if you think they were a coincidence, you have another think coming. That set me thinking and clicking internet sites and rather irreverently thumbing through pages of many scriptures.

This “discovery” of the 26th of a month as a day for terrible disasters was presumably first propounded by Lionel Zucker, the leader of a Jewish set known as “Messianic Judaism”. Messianic Jews believe that Jesus was indeed the Saviour of Jews and that He sits at the right-hand side of God (YHWH or ELOHIM). They do not describe themselves as Christian, a term they reserve for “gentile” (that is, formerly pagan – the idolaters) converts. After all, Old Testament, just like the Torah, describes God as the God of Jews. Even Jesus Christ once said that “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”. It was The First Christian Church Council in Jerusalem in 50 AD which decided that uncircumcised gentiles can be brought into the Christian faith. Jews, the tribe to which Jesus and all apostles belonged, had nothing do with that decision.

Once this “discovery” came on the Internet, quoting Haggai 2:6 (written in 560 BC by a Jewish Prophet) which said, “in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land”. God was then not the merciful Father that Jesus described, but a “Man of War” who insisted that his soldiers destroy everything that Jews attacked – “Men, women, children and animals” just as disasters do. Saul (the king before David) lost favour with God for not obeying this command. God wanted to replace him with David (but could not, for a long time – Saul, like the Chief ministers of India, declined to resign) because Saul didn’t kill the healthy animals and the king of the land who begged to be spared. The  “little while” that Haggai promised on behalf of God  has  taken 2571 years till now and YHWH  has been keeping his promise of  “shaking the heavens and earth and the sea and the dry land” all through these years, but rarely on the 26th.

These are the “proofs” produced by Lionel Zucker and his faithful followers for YHWH’s vengeance:

Actul Datae Nature ofDisaster  Consequence as on record
26.12.2004 Aceh Tsunami 230,000 dead
27.5.2006(Unless God goes by GMT) JogJakarta Earthquake 5,782 died
26.6.2010 Tasik Earthquake Tasik Malaya and Tasik Indonesia have had several earthquakes on several different dates. On this date, 6.3 on Richter scale, caused relatively  little loss of life (80)
25.10.2010(Not on 26th) Mentawai Tsunami Up to 300 estimated dead.
23.10. to 3.12.2010(Not 26th in particular) Mount Merapi vocanic eruption A mountainous area of high volcanic activity throughout the year; little loss of human life thanks to early evacuation. The one on 26th took a toll of 30; a much worse one took place on 5th of November.
26.8.83 Krakatau volcanic eruption An area of high volcanic activity; on this date a huge explosion took place whose effect reached up to New York and English channel. I couldn’t find any death report.
28.7.1976(Not 26th) China Earthquake-Tangshan, Northern China Loss of lives placed at 242,000. China has had scores of significant earthquakes during 1900s and this century; the worst on 28.7.1976; second worst on December 16, 1920 (234,117 died)
26.1.1951 Portugal earthquake Probably invented or blown out of proportions to spite Catholics, whom this sect despises. The worst known earthquake in Portugal was in 1755, on 1st November.
26.4.20105.3.2010 Taiwan earthquakes Both were of 6.4 Reichter scale that shook buildings; no human loss reported. Does God fail in wreaking vengeance on humans?
21-23.12.2010 Japan Japan had 86 earthquakes during the period. None on 26th.
26.7.2003 NE Japan One of the 2059 quakes in 17 years. (more than one in 2 days). Little human loss
16.12.1932(Not 26th) Kansu China Earthquake 1932 26th  is a deliberate error. On Oct 2, 1920, Kansu had a worse disaster landslide from earthquake that killed 200,000.
27.12.1939(Not 26th) unless you by GMT Turkey earthquake Disaster continued and death toll rose to 32,000 by the end of the year.
26.1.2001 Gujarat Earthquake 20,000 (including Pakistan) killed
26.6.1926 Rhodes Earthquake This quake, as compared to several others, did minimal damage; recording no death toll.
24.1. 2010 Haiti Earthquake 316,000 died. The worst human tragedy in recent times, but not on the 26th. Is there a Haggai warning in 2:4?

David B. Hall records ( hundreds of disasters that took heavy human toll since Christ; more than 60 that killed over a hundred thousand (some of them in millions) men women and children. Those that occurred on the 26th can indeed be counted on your fingers.   Many disasters were diseases that are attributed to God’s anger by religions of all shades – Plague, Cholera, Malaria, European sickness (of 16th to 18th centuries) and famine. You couldn’t put a date to diseases that killed humans over a period of time. Nor can you put a date to the worst man-made disaster of all – holocaust that destroyed million Jews while YHWH apparently sat and watched patiently to later grant a piece of land and eternal strife and fear of Islamic bomb for those who remained. The crusades, European and Asian battles, first and second world wars – incidents where Christians, being the major contenders from both sides could claim a majority among the dead even if you include Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Catholics and protestants (both of whom are rejected as ‘twisted church people’ by those who recognize Jesus only by that name and not as Christ) Ireland and Great Britain, Hindus and Muslims in South Asia, Muslims and Muslims in the Middle East, Christians and Muslims in Afghanistan, Shias and Sunnis in Iraq and Pakistan – there is no end to the ways God devised to limit human population and to shake the heavens, earth, sea and dry land. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cloud bursts and Katrina-style typhoons take place every other day in some spot or another on God’s good earth. How many thousands die a day due to starvation and malnutrition all over the world is known neither to man nor to God. (If YHWH knew, I suppose he would reserve their deaths to the 26th of each month).  Then you have human disasters that regularly take place in pilgrimages to shrines of various religious denominations. Religions of all shades –Judaism, Christianity and Islam – have been promising that the end of the world and the judgement day is near. They also try their best to make it come true with their preachings and sermons that lead to wars, genocides and even mass suicides. Where scriptures fail some quote Nostradamus, a Jew pretending to be Catholic, who conveniently predicted disasters on  vague dates in every century.

As for the past events, date 26 figures no more frequently than any other date of the month when world disasters had struck. Interestingly, Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 26.4.1986 does not find mention in the list. Many of those mentioned  actually fell on a day between the 21st and the 27th. Neither are they the worst disasters that befell earth since Haggai 2:6. As I said earlier, the worst disasters that killed a hundred thousand or more during the known centuries, the date 26 rarely figures.

If the disasters that took place on dates 26 are  God’s handiwork, one must admit He did succeed the same way as Americans under Bush succeeded in destroying the very cradle of human civilization in Iraq – formerly Mesopotamia. US started the invasion of Iraq not on the 26th, but on 20th of March 2003. Perhaps they had Haggai and God in mind when they carried out  massive airdrops on the 26th!

Take a look at the instances of earthquake in Iran,  one of the “evil empires” as described by George Bush and still in the bull’s eye of the West:

Date City Magnitude Killed
02/22/2005 Zarand 6.4 550
12/26/2003 Bam 6.6 26,200
05/28/2003 North 6.4 36
06/22/2002 North West 6.5 500
05/10/1997 North 7.1 1,500
06/21/1990 North West 5.8 20
06/20/1990 North We st 7.3-7.7 50,000
06/11/1981 Kerman 6.9 3,000
09/16/1978 Tabas 7.7 25,000
03/21/1977 Bandar Abbas 6.9 167
11/24/1976 Yerevan 6.9 100

Source :

Of the five major earthquakes that took a heavy toll of over 1000, only one occurred on a 26th, the one quoted by Zucker. Is God slipping up on his calendar? .

Apart from Iran you have Bangladesh and Indonesia that are susceptible to extreme calamities. Here is the publish record of major disasters in Bangladesh:

Top 10 Natural Disasters of Bangladesh


Disaster               Date                     Human toll         

Famine                  Through 1943                 1,900,000

Epidemic               Through 1918                 393,000

Wind storm           12-11-1970                     300,000

Wind storm           30-4-1991                      138,866

Wind storm           15-16 10-1942               61,000

Wind storm           11-5-1965                      36,000

Flood and famine  All through 1974            1,500,000

Wind storm           12-6-1965                      12,047

Wind storm           28-5-1963                    11,500

Wind storm           9-5-1961                        11,000

Flood                     Aug-1988                       73,000,000

Flood                     22-7-1987                      73,000,000

Flood                     Jul-1974                         38,000,000

Flood                     May-1984                       30,000,000

Drought                5-7-1983                      20,000,000

Flood                     Jul-1968                          15,889,616

Wind storm           30-4-1991                      15,438,849

Flood                     8-7-1998                        15,000,050

Flood                     15-Jun-1995                  12,656,006

Flood                     1st week Jun-Jul-1993    11,469,537



Unfortunately again, one can’t put a precise date to famine, epidemics and drought, but none of those terrible calamities that managed to  “shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land” took place or started on the promised date of 26th. If you were to find a bias in those statistics of disasters you find them not on the date of 26 but on the months between May and August – the period of hot summer and monsoon in the tropics.

If Bangladesh lies on the shores of a bay prone to flood and windstorm, Indonesia is a vast archipelago given to earthquakes, tsunamis and floods in equal measure. The country of a thousand islands is said to sink into sea by two inches a year. While calamities are frequent enough, I could not find a single one of massive scale in the records other than the Aceh disaster that took place on the God-threatened date.

Then we have global warming (no fault of God’s, but of men). It affects the whole world – Jews, Messianic Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists – you name it. Oxfam says  that natural disasters have quadrupled during the decade between 1995 to 2004 as compared to that from 1985 to 1994. Disasters in both decades were more or less evenly distributed during the precarious seasons; very few indeed took place on a 26th.

On a smaller scale, the recent Queensland floods that killed only a few dozen (thanks to the sparse population) started on 24th December and more or less ended in later January 2011, but both 26s –particularly Australia Day on 26th January – were spared of any major catastrophe. Super typhoon Megi of Northern Philippines happened on 18th October 2010; Hurricane Katrina that ravaged Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana (especially Greater New Orleans), Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle, most of eastern North America took shape on 23rd August 2005 and carried out wanton destruction (literally as promised by Haggai) till 30th of that month. On 26th it hit Florida, but the havoc was to come later. Human loss was over 1800 – a good majority of them Blacks. Does God practise apartheid apart from religious discrimination?

Not to be outdone by the little-known Messianic Jews, Christians of all shades have taken up this date of 26th as “proof” of some sort of apocalyptic attempt at doomsday. Not to be outdone, Lakshar-e-Toiba and other terrorist agencies chose 26/11 to shake earth, the seas and dry land in India to establish a Muslim state before Qayamat descends. At least one  Hindu zealot added the two digits and got 8 (“ashtami”), which gave him a double date of high energy  in a month – finding Shiva’s dance in the disasters that happened on the 8th and 26th of the month. I wonder if a net war could start for claiming the number 26, each one claiming one’s own god to be the perpetrator.

One wonders if the “dirty bomb” from the Islamic terrorists or the “clean” bomb from the Americans or Chinese would fall first to “shake the Heavens, Earth and Dry Land” as promised. When it does fall, and if I am still around, I will be able to show you that it didn’t fall on the 26th. Statistically, the  chances of it happening on that particular date are a trifle 1/30. A more possible disaster that can send humans out of existence as it did Dinosaurs is estimated to take place on 13th April 2036 when a huge asteroid could strike earth, going by its current trajectory. I can already see someone pointing out that 13th is one-half of 26. If you try hard enough, you could interpret some line in the Bible or Haggai that predicts this doom, the same way as others interpret Nostradamus verses. I am supposing the Americans or the Chinese or Pakistanis don’t hasten the process and beat God in his own game of vengeance.

Religious zealots, with their lies, exaggerations, stage-managed healing and cheap magic that pass off for miracles give faith a bad name. No, I don’t think 26 is a coincidence. It is just a date plucked out from the twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty of thirty-one days of each month in a year through the centuries, on every one of which, there has been a disaster since the ‘Year of Our Lord’ was invented. The frequency of disasters on 26th will continue to happen the same way as it would happen on other dates. We don’t need reminders from any God.  Since he claims to be merciful, let Him spare us the tragedies.

The most powerful earthquake yet recorded in history occurred on 11 th March, 2011. The nuclear disaster in its aftermath might yet be the longest lasting tragedy. God appears to have overlooked the incident; it did not occur anywhere near 26th.

But don’t laugh – a Biblical revelation (Revelation 9:5 and the ones surrounding that number) and some careful calculations by the faithful have come to the conclusion that “Rapture” when the faithful (those who have seal of God on their forehead – that is Christians of a particular set) would be lifted physically and taken to Heaven. The day – note that down – is 21st of May 2011. Rest of us will be made to suffer a terrible suffering (the greatest suffering known to God is the bite of a scorpion) for the next five months; after which a terrible fire will descend on us on 21st October and carry us to eternal hell. If you have any doubt, or think one can’t be serious, click

Till then, have fun.



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