Islam – A Religion of Peace?

My answer to What are some proofs that Islam is not a religion of peace? That is a strange question. When did Islam find peace since its inception? Islam was born in fratricidal battles within the tribes that lived around Mecca. The fights were intended to prevent people from worshipping the Gods of their choice and … Continue reading Islam – A Religion of Peace?


This is what Brother Taleemat Islam, after challenging me to find anything wrong in the Quran, has quoted: “Brother why not start with your scriptures … Pratisarg Parv 3; Khand 3; Adhyaai 3; Shlokas 5 to 27 its translation:At that time a spiritual teacher (Acharya) known as Mahamad (Muhammad) appeared amongst the Mlecchas (non Indians/non … Continue reading IS MUHAMMAD PROPHESIED IN BHAVISHYA PURANA?