What do Atheists Bring to the Plate?

This is how I answered a rather badly composed query that was posted on my timeline on the social media: The explosion of science in the 19th century was set off when atheism became an acceptable, if not entirely respectable way of thinking. Nobody pulled out the tongue and wired the jaws of Darwin, none … Continue reading What do Atheists Bring to the Plate?

More Questions answered on atheism.

  1. As an atheist, what stops me from harming my neighbour when I am said to have no moral high ground from any so-called "Gods"? You are obviously no atheist; you are one of those who like to propagate that this is what atheists like to say. Atheists truly stand on a better moral high ground … Continue reading More Questions answered on atheism.


Christopher Hitchens - journalist, writer, debater, Anti-thiesist (as against mere atheist) died of cancer three weeks ago - on 15th December, 2011. Vishu Menon admired Hitchens greatly, but also was hurt by his support for the senseless US war on Iraq.