Is the low incidence of AIDS in Islamic countries attributed to their brutal control of homosexuality?

My answer to Is the low incidence of AIDS in Islamic countries attributed to their brutal control of homosexuality?

Answer by Vishu Menon:

Low incidence of AIDS in Islamic countries is a figment of imagination. There is absolutely no proof that homosexuality is under control in Islamic countries just because of brutality in punishments are more prevalent than in non-Islamic countries. Homosexual act is done in privacy; fear of brutal punishment just drives it into even darker holes.

Quran is the only scripture known to mankind that entices adherents with the offer of ‘fresh doe-eyed youth’ in heaven (S. 76.19). Prevalence of AIDS in Saudi Arabia despite its most Brutal ways of punishment and secrecy is average at 0.1% (1 among 1000 adults). Nigeria, with 52% Muslim population has incidence of AIDS which is 3000 percentage the world average. Not all those hospitalized are Christians. Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have two to 3 times (300%) the average incidence. Muslim majority Malaysia has it 4.5 (450%) times, Indonesia and Libya 3 (300%) times and the heavily controlled Iran 1.4 times (140%). The figures are extracted from the CIA World Fact Book. (Central Intelligence Agency (2011). ["CIA World Factbook 2011 – people living with the HIV virus". Retrieved by Wikipedia in 2011.”]

Despite these glaring figures, it is true that Christian majority countries appear to have higher incidence of AIDS. This is largely due to the fact that Muslims are reluctant to seek treatment, and Muslim hospitals such as those in Afghanistan (wherever hospitals exist in that country), Pakistan etc. refuse treatment to AIDS patients. If all AIDS patients were truly placed on register in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan instead of whipping them and murdering them for adultery, you’d find that the percentage of incidence would be normal, or, as the data points. inclined towards above normal.

Reasons for homosexuality are broadly two : One, natural inclination. Two, habituation due to starvation of heterosexual opportunities. Muslim countries top in the second cause; as for the first, there is no reason to believe that Muslim men and women are less inclined to possess the normal variation in inherent sexual inclination.

The false belief that circumcision would save men from sexually transmitted diseases actually increases the possibility of infection among both genders. You would note that, although the people of India and Pakistan are largely from the same race, and despite the fact that India has more than 6 times the population of Pakistan, life expectancy in India has been progressively getting better than that of Pakistan. In 1960, Pakistan was 4 points higher than India in average life expectancy, by 2015 it is 2 points lower – that is a 6 points fall in Pakistan’s health improvement visa-vis its neighbor. India’s ranking in the world rose 6 points, that of Pakistan fell by 26 points – a steep fall indeed. (See the graphics). The most prevalent fatal disease during this period has been AIDS. The fall in relative life expectncy in Pakistan has been notwithstanding the tendency in many North Indian states to destroy female embryos in the womb or to kill off female babies at birth, The most significant reason for this for fall in Pakistan’s life expectancy should be its deliberate discounting of prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases within the population; the most murderous of them being AIDS.

Is the low incidence of AIDS in Islamic countries attributed to their brutal control of homosexuality?

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