If ISIS get hold of a nuclear bomb what is the best place to detonate it from their point of view?

My answer to If ISIS get hold of a nuclear bomb what is the best place to detonate it from their point of view?

Answer by Vishu Menon:

Since most of them are suicide-mongers in a hurry to go to heaven and get hold of the promised  72 virgins, I hope they would detonate it on themselves.

Unless they also have a safe and effective delivery mechanism such as a high-flying aircraft or a missile, there is no need for a world-vide scare. In all probability they would use it to blackmail the world as do villains in a Bond movie. The aim of the rest of the world should be to find the location of hiding and blast the bloody thing in situ. The Islamists can then go to heaven and grab their virgins without much harm to the rest of the world.

It would be much worse, and unfortunately not all that improbable, that an ISIS sympathizer (or volunteers) in Pakistan gets hold of the bomb. It’s not difficult for a a bigot – say, a Pak Brigadier or a General –  to get a couple of fellow-conspirators in the Air Force. Pak military is a highly indoctrinated force. One of the text books for study in the military academy is a supposedly well-researched study on the ‘ Cowardly Hindus’ **of India (which includes 165 million Muslims, but no matter) and how every Pakistani can defeat five to seven such Hindus. So naturally the target would be the sitting-duck – to begin with, New Delhi.

The Sitting Duck keeps its nuclear assets closer to its chest; so the retaliation would be unexpected but horrific. Nukes would rain on Pakistan, and of course, quite a few in India. The fallout clouds will loom over Iran and Afghanistan. Nearly all the male population of Pakistan would go to meet their 72 virgins and 8000 slaves each  in heaven and their wives will go  to sit on their husband’s beds with eyes fixed on them even when they (the husbands) screw other virgins. The beautiful snow-clad mountains of Kashmir would collapse over  the lakes, rivers, gardens,  the painted and flower-decked shikaras and lovingly decorated houseboats in the valley below. Scalded, dismembered and maimed babies will  lie all across the plains and the valleys writhing and wailing, unnoticed in patriotic fury, till death silences them one after the other like  the descending silence of cricket chirps  with the sunrise.

  • As for the rest of India, a large fraction of its 1.3 billion people would face mixed fortunes – the jingoist Hindu faction will fry but quickly re-incarnate as holy cows; the rest would reincarnate as low-caste humans with a disdain for cows and cow dung, but with an appetite for beef.   Muslim men, at least many of them in the crowd will, of course, get their virgins  after they sizzle and their wives will follow for their use as stepneys. Rest of the irreligious lot – scientists, engineers, writers, professors, agnostics, even ordinary atheists – will incinerate  like fish in a frying pan before they knew what was happening but  would soon find peace in eternal sleep. Beside them in the timeless space  the apostates from Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan (those who fell victim to the fallout) would cosy up, but none of them would know. The few Masihs who didn’t care that an Arabic Jew was strung up on a wooden beam 2017 years ago to give them eternal life would lie beside them – dead and charred into oblivion like a forgotten dream


For several decades cockroaches will crawl over the blackened sands of most of Pakistan and parts of the vast landscape of India. Then a green shoot will come up in the cooling sands of Punjab and Rajasthan,   strawberry leaves will show up  in the Sindh, poppies would pop out on the borders of Afghanistan and young Bhang plants in Uttar Pradesh.  Some fish would appear in the shallow rivulets on the mud-choked riverbeds of  Jamuna and the Tawi. Goats would descend from the bare, half-flattened  Hindukush and Stok Kangri  to graze in the greening plains on both sides of the Sindhu.

Regeneration would start happening before a couple of decades is spent – we saw how fast it happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Soon men and women from other parts of the Country and other parts of the world will start moving in just as they did before. Within thirty or forty years, the occupants will be ready to farm, build, mate and multiply. Competing Catholic and Protestant preachers of several hues will appear from the West; contending Sunni  Mullahs and Shia Imams will come from Saudi Arabia and the spared regions of Iran through the drone-pulverized cities of the Middle East. Shia Maulvis from what is left of Iran  would  come braving the radiation  still persisting over  the dead Ganj Border, stepping over the dried skeletons of Hazaras, Tajiks and Pashtuns sprawled across the dry sands and slung over the iron wall. Ash-smeared and saffron-clothed   Babas and yogis will  be carried by their disciples over the parts of the Western Ghats that survived through the mayhem; Gurus in stylish saffron robes  would  also fly in from America and Europe where they had built vast Ashrams to propagate the value of spiritual austerity. As they touch their holy feet on the motherland’s soil, touchables will crowd close and greet them with folded hands; untouchables  will stand at a distance and prostrate.

As  those four decades wear off, newspapers and television channels  would scream the fantastic rebirth of the  fledgling third-world South Asia. In feverish anticipation, employment will shoot up in Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems. Poland and Romania will fight with Russia and America for their fingers in the latest versions of Kalashnikov pie. Resumed commercial flights will fly in, overloaded with kickback dollars and  covered crates of scotch, Cognac and champagne  for parched Islamic and Gandhian throats. Loans will be announced aloud; half of them will be  softly deposited in Swiss banks and Panama papers in the name of respectable citizens.

 White men will roam the new corridors of power boasting in whispers the killing capacity of their  weapons and  their latest self-propelled dog-fighter drones.

Elated, brown men will get  set to fight each other in the name of their starving motherlands, emaciated cows, violent religions, futile gods and unlettered prophets.

For more such honest predictions. meet me at Vishumenon’s Blog

If ISIS get hold of a nuclear bomb what is the best place to detonate it from their point of view?


** “India : A Study in Profile” by  Lt. Col (later Lt. General Javed Hassan. The book was aimed “at the .army’s Faculty of Research and Doctrinal Studies.”


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