Why should I or should I not respect Mr. Narendra Modi?

My answer to Why should I or should I not respect Mr. Narendra Modi?

Answer by Vishu Menon:

I see Mr. Modi as a great speech maker and sloganeer. Speech makers and sloganeers deserve respect for their dual talents. What is more, he is a great dresser and can change clothes and styles faster than any dancing heroine in a Hindi film dance sequence. His guts to receive a foreign head of state in a suit spelling out his full name in stripes after stripes deserved to be in the Guinness Book of Records. I do not believe that the great narcissist, Kim Il-sung, who spent millions of dollars of his impoverished and war-torn country advertising himself as the Teacher of the World would have dared to do a stunt like that.  Not to forget, I also respect him for being elected to the highest executive office in the Country by 31% of its population.

He promised to put Rs 15 to 20 lakhs in every poor man’s pocket for free (muft mein) as soon as he came to power by bringing black money from abroad. He is one of the most ‘promising’ Prime Ministers India had seen after Indira Gandhi, who promised to send poverty into exile (garibi hatao).

Mr. Modi is also a great start-up visionary. He started a grand family planning program (with his and his Home minister’s photos on the condom crates) in Gujarat; supplying of nutrition for girls, special schemes for industrial development; held so many seminars and so on. When he left Gujarat in 2014, Gujarat had  one of the highest birth rates, most stunted children in Asia, and the state’s economy had gone down by three steps on the national scale.

Read more about my regard for Mr. Modi here  and also here..

Why should I or should I not respect Mr. Narendra Modi?


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