Priesthood.psdIn 1950, Pope Pius XII said that the theory of evolution might not be at odds with theCchurch. That was a far cry from 1636 when Galilio was inquisitioned and incacerated for life.

In around 1996 Pope John Paul II invited scientists such as Stephen Hawking and told them; up till the Big Bang is fine, but don’t search beyond it, because it is in God’ realm. He trusted the Big Bang Theory rather than the Genesis. The proposal suited Hawking’s concept that at the point of the Big Bang, which he and his fellow scientists named Singularity,  the universal laws as are known to science, broke down. God, as everyone knows, has little respect for laws  : man-made or Newton-Darwin-Einstein-etc.-propounded

Pope on familyPope Francis  marks a paradigm shift in Catholic Priesthood. He has shocked some of his flock; but enthused the social discards in the flock.More  importantly, he can laugh and make you laugh.

He said : “A person’s identity, respect, the dignity and love that he or she deserves, does not depend on anything—sexual orientation, how much money we’ve got, if we’ve got a green card or immigration papers, if we’ve got a stock portfolio. It doesn’t depend on anything other than the fact that we’re a child of God, made in his image.”

If somebody had any doubt about what the Pope Pope on husband and wifemeant, he made the Vatican clarify that he meant :”Not just the gays, but the entire LGBT community”.

On creation, addressing a public gathering, Pope Francis said : “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,

Here is  one who is not bound by the shackles of mindless Christian theology. He thinPope on Mother in Lawks, tells what he thinks. And, my, can Pope Francis crack jokes!

He didn’t have a mother-in-law, he says, but he is qualified to speak about them because he is battling with the Satan every day. Was that in bad taste? I don’t think so. Even mothers in-law must have burst out laughing.

When did the Pope crack those hilarious Mother-in-law jokes? On valentine day!

Please, my friends, hold me back. If this man goes on this way I  may want to be a Catholic.

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  1. Vishu, I love him too! I was raised as a Catholic; however, have not been happy with the Church’s teaching for most all of my adult life and therefore, do not attend mass or call myself Catholic anymore. With this Pope, I may have to do a 180. There are no words that can describe how much I appreciate him and the majority of his teachings. Next time I’m in India, perhaps I’ll take you to a Catholic mass. ;o)


    1. Thanks, Marcel. I am not in India so you might not be able to take me to a Mass. Some 55 years ago (there, I gave away my age!) my friend Michael Edwards took me to a Mass in Kashmir. How was I to conduct myself? Just do what i do, advised Eddy. He wiped his face, I wiped mine. He swatted a mosquito, I swatted an imaginary one. In geneeral, I made a fool of myself. The priest – a gentle soul – must have spied my stupidity. At the end of the service, he came up to me, with a twinkle in his eyes, thanked me and said he hoped I enjoyed myself. Never dared to go to another Catholic service. Or any service, for that matter – Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim. I do escort my wife up to the gate of a temple. Thanks for writing


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