“There is a special corner in hell for women who blame rape victims” – Paraphrasing Hillary Clinton


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I hope to challenge without hurting, disagree without hating.  If .you are a religious fundamentalist , or a confirmed communist or a capitalist or a Nazi or a racist  or a male chauvanist (which are all the same – they all believe that they have found the final answer), sorry, you might find me wanting.

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Religion and













2 Responses to ““There is a special corner in hell for women who blame rape victims” – Paraphrasing Hillary Clinton”

  1. saadiq kamil Says:

    Those unvalid scientific answers given by u does not even stand anywhere…….u have asked how muslim Scientist’s have measured the distances somewhere in FAMOUS ASTRONAUTS AND SCEINCE BLOG ,will u please tell me how scientists of world had measured them…..
    2. The detail given by u about variation of magnetic feild around Mecca isn’t correct….how could u assign neutral points on earth’s surface assuming that they. changes afterwhile shortly……
    3.do you know the principle on which an oscillograph works…when u receives an information about cosmic radiation cross earth all your devices stop working at
    same times then how could u measure the rAdn coming from mecca for which u have no information and no device……stop questioning islam …the day u realise it ..u would certainly realise truth….time is still at disposal….

  2. vishumenon Says:

    Thank you, my friend Saadiq, for reading my blogs, and remembering an old one. You gave me the opening for the next blog,

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