Those who got the ASI report that Ramayana has no historical basis got banned and pulped should also get the works of Aryabhata banned and pulped. The man challenges many basic Hindu beliefs - That sun is a god who rides in a chariot drawn by seven horses along the sky; that he comes down once in a while to seduce young girls and begets brave sons like Karna; that lunar eclipse happens when a snake called Rahu swallows the moon.

Who got pulped by Penguins – Wendy Doniger or Sage Valmiki?

Wendy Doniger, a scholar-writer who says that she has studied and written about Hindu religion for over fifty years, once read out a passage from Valmiki Ramayan. Someone threw an egg, aimed at her face. He missed, naturally. Fanatics have poor aim. Penguin books have withdrawn the Indian edition of her book , The Hindus: An Alternative History" for fear of Hindu Taliban. Penguin has withdrawn the book, they would be pulping all of its copies in the next six months. That promises a new bestseller for Amazon.com.