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Vishu Menon ·

Dear Maulana, Aslam Aleikum.

I suggest that you call BBC, CNN, AlJazeera representatives to a Muslim graveyard on a given date (giving them at least a fortnight) and let them pick one old grave. Open it and show them the fresh body with blood intact.

Alternatively, come to India (unless you are already there) where there are more number of ancient Muslim graves than anywhere else in the world, and let’s open a grave from any Muslim graveyard and check the condition of the body. If you take the challenge give it wide publicity (I will invite the journalists). No fresh grave will be dug. If you can show the world a ‘fresh body with blood’ I will compensate all your expenses and convert to your religion – Sunni, Shia, Alawi, Hazara, whatever. If not, you will pay for my expenses for flying from the US to India and return. Frankly, I cannot pay you in advance because I do not believe that such things are possible.

Finally, if Muslim bodies remain intact, and do not rot and stink to high heavens, why do you bury them so deep? Why not preserve them in the open in respectful formations until they are ready to be called out on the judgment day?

This is not a challenge. It is an attempt to find out the truth in such claims. I hope you publish it If you publish this reply, kindly give me a note as a Comment on http://vishumenon,com

Khuda Hafeez,

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