Mr. Sri Sri, Your Slip is Showing


Pope Francis : Hold Me Before I Become a Catholic!


Gujarat Development Model : A Whole Bunch of Lies

Revisiting Taslima Nasreen  and THE SHAME”

Why  Monkeys Have To Hang –  A Sam D’Cruz Tale

A Defiant Old Man’s Delhi Diary

They Got God’s Orders to Kill and Destroy

Laddoos for Sathya Sai Baba

Katju, Jaitley and the Mahatma

India’s Daughter-Raped Murdered and Banned

How and Why Greenpeace  Skyped Over a Govt. Trap

*VR Krishna Iyer – See You Later, Your Honour * The Warm Embrace of Two Good Men
*How They Fed Young Rajan To Pigs in ‘Emergency *No Bharat Ratna For Kalyana Sundaram
*If a Judge Be A Dictator- Isn’t  That Ominous? *Why I remember Corporal Hussain
*Konnayil Geeverghese Mathai *My Tryst With LGBT And Holy Shits
*Narendra Modi And Indian Spring
*Peter Hammond: The Missionary of False Witness *A Story Born Of A Blog
*Two Photos: Lest We Forget *Séance. Miracles And The Other Dimension
*Divine People And Their Theories *Of Two Authors-One Condemned For Life
*Christopher Hitchens *Two Ministers, One On Discount
*Shammi Kapoor – A tribute *Asianet. Babu Paul And The Church
*Famous Astronauts And Good Faith *My Name is Kalam Khan
*Obama And The Islamic World  Obama

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