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VR Krishna Iyer : See You Later, Your Honour

OMG The Supreme God..(on Rajpal Ji Maharaj)

This Theory of Evolution.. (Pope Francis etc.)

No Bharat Ratna for Kalyanasundaram

We’re In It Together, Pakistan (a poem)

God is Merciful, a Pregnant woman stoned.

Khushwant Singh’s gullible Sardar and Menon

Mt Tryst with LGBT & Holy Shits

Who got pulped : Wendy Doniger or Sage Valmiki?

Peter Hammond : Missionary of False Witness

2 thoughts on “About

  1. After reading a article by Shri Vishnumenon’s blog about
    Shri P.N.Bhagavathi, ex-chief justice of Suprem court of india,
    i want to meet Shri P.N.Bhagavathi. hence i am requsting you
    to send address and phone number for my information

    y.chandra rao


    1. I am sure that if you don’t mention my blog, you would be able to get his current address at
      The Secretary,
      Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust,
      Prasanthi Nilayam,
      Dt Anantapur
      Andhra Pradesh
      PIN: 515134
      Phones : +91 8555 289799
      +91 8555 289703
      (I found this in the ‘Net, not much research was needed).


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