The paradigm that we live ‘inside’ space is a badly and unimaginatively conceived one. We live on the surface of earth ( not inside the earth) and the earth exists on the surface of Solar system on the surface of Milky Way on the surface of the universe. Universe itself is flat and round like an Indian bread (Roti), still expanding from the remnant heat of the furnace that baked it and threw it up in a flash of fire. The bread is flat, but it has small specks of grains on some molecules on which live microbes, dust, dews and holes which to us zillionth zillionth nano microbial beings appear like galaxies and space, stars, planets and meteors, mountains and oceans in roughly that retreating order. Quantum calculations show that this universe is most probably one of the many slices of the Roti that cosmologists call multiverse. And who knows, there could be many such breads being thrown up every Planck moment (Several trillionth of a second) after they are baked in a crackling furnace.

That’s the mind-boggling Big Picture. We are made to believe, while crawling on the surface of a tiny dot on that picture and gloat that a God who looks like us – and is waiting to burn those whom we do not like – created the little bubble on the bread that we live on, and that puny imaginary being who is supposed to have that that bubble is The Greatest.

Expand your mind, my friend.. Forget the nonsense.

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  1. I am not sure I believe one iota of borrowings without reference’s. Oh Muslim Guru show us the flying carpet again and again then suicide yourself for Allah. Allah is great, No or yes? Yes one god just not the rat god of Hindu. That is not our one god. Muslims pretend one god but hate other gods. Lets not be fooled by this clap trap chaos supervisor. Allah who A rat god. See how that one grabs your philo sopical balls.


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