The Brotherly Challenge:
“Hello brother you have very nicely explained (in Famous Astronauts and   Good Faith ) but I want to inform you that Islam is not about what people say it is about what THe Holy QURAN says.
and I am presenting a challenge to you that ,”Can you wrong any fact presented in the Holy QURAN ???
Ofcourse You won`t be able to.
Brother why not start with your scriptures …
Pratisarg Parv 3; Khand 3; Adhyaai 3; Shlokas 5 to 27
its translation:At that time a spiritual teacher (Acharya) known as Mahamad (Muhammad) appeared amongst the Mlecchas (non Indians/non Aryans), along with his companions/disciples. The King after giving this Mahaa Deva (of angelic disposition) dweller of the desert (Marusthal Nivasi), a bath in the Panchgavya and the Ganges water (meaning honouring and praising him) offered him presents and showing him all reverence said: “I pay obeisance to you (Namaste) O Pride of Humanity (Girija Nath) dweller of the desert (Marusthal Nivaasi/Arabian dweller). You are the destroyer of the Devil (Tripurasur Naashaaya) who propagates deceit. You have been protected by fellow Mlecchas, and you are the embodiment of Divine Qualities (Sacchidanand Roopine). I am a your servant, and have come seeking your refuge.
and in many more places in the vedas.
Taleemat e Islam , commenting on Good Faith and famous astronauts.


Brother Taleemat,
You invite me to start with ‘my scriptures’. Let me assure you that I have no preference to any scripture. All scriptures were based on the knowledge and input available at the time of their writing, meant to keep men and women (particularly women) behind senseless boundaries, and to glorify a God no one has seen and in fear of a retributive (not reformative) punishment that would go on and on eternally. God has always been a handy tool for the clever to earn money, fame and veneration. Scriptures might be seen by some as mankind’s initial attempts to find meaning to their lives, but in effect they have only served to persuade the followers that :”What I say is the truth and nothing but the truth, because the unseen God has said that to me.” Holy Quran is no different.

Unfortunately, despite the ignorance and arrogance that the scriptures (all of them) contain, and the facts are so evident for all to see, Muslims kill each other in the Middle East, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Christians shoot each other in churches and in schools in the United States, Hindus in India kill (so far in a small measure)  in the name of caste and allegedly forbidden food .

It is a sad story.
Now coming back to your comments, you have raised two points :

The first one is your : “Can you wrong any fact presented in the Holy QURAN ???”
The second is a contention  that a Hindu epic mentions prophesies the coming of Prophet Muhammed,
I will in all modesty first take up the challenge since that came up first. We will start with the scriptures in a second partLy because I suspect my reply to the challenge is going to be rather long.

So disregarding faulty logic in your question, I shall deal with a few of the enormous number of  errors and falsehoods in the Quran. Let me remind you that it was you who initiated this discussion which might appear unpleasant to you as I rather hesitantly plough through it.

You are no doubt an ardent listener of Mr. Zakir Naik, the repository of indexes to scriptures of other religions as well as his own. Religious campaigners like Zakir Naik twist words around to ‘prove’ to a captive audience (and planted ‘Hindu questioners and fake “Shankaracharyas’) that Quran is full of scientific facts.

  • Naik quoted over 20 verses (39:21, 30:24, 23:18, 15:22, 24:4, 30:48, 86:11, 24:43, 7.27, 13.17, 25.48, 35:9, 36:34, 45:5, 50:10, 56,67, 67.30and a few more)  to prove that water cycle was mentioned in the Quran. In each of those verses, God only boasts how he delivers water from the sky (or the clouds) to wet the land and bring prosperity to mankind. That’s not water cycle. Water goes round in cycles only when it rises from the water-bodies – mainly the sea – by the process of evaporation and wind-absorption, which rises by convection due to atmospheric heating and/or by riding over the return drafts from hills and mountains, precipitates under the right environs (not when two clouds meet as alleged) and returns to earth by way of rain, hailstorm or snow depending on the altitude at which the precipitation takes place. This marvelous cyclic nature of water circulation is nowhere mentioned in the verses he quoted in one breath to much applause. Instead,  the verses suggest that God delivers a fresh supply of water (‘in the right measure;) from a bowser he keeps in the sky.

That Quranic God (Allah) has nothing to do with water cycling is reconfirmed in 11:40 where Quran faithfully repeats the Biblical story of Noah’s ark and the flooding of the whole earth. The water available on earth cannot cover the entire earth up to mountain heights unless water was imported from outer space (which Quran calls the seven heavens). If God could import water from space, then there is no need to re-cycle water.

  • 5:32“Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

(Please note that the parenthesized word ‘unjustly’ does not appear in the original verse and that Allah does not allow anyone to add or subtract a single word from the Quran). :

Towards non-believers, Quran says in Chapter Al Kafirum:
109. 1 Say, Oh ye that reject the faith
2. I worship not what ye worship
3. Nor will ye worship that which ye worship
4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship
5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship
6. To you your way, and to me mine.

In utter disregard to this beautiful  though repetitive  text of secular ideals with which the Quran nearly comes to a close, , the believers are ordered  to kill without mercy in several verses: For instance,

2.191-193 : “And kill them wherever you find them…. And fight them until there is no  more disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah

  • Allah claims that he guards the Quran against corruption (15: 9). In #;34, He further admonishes us that those who disbelieve any of the revelations therein will  be heavily doomed. Interestingly, we are also told that Allah’s arch enemy, the Satan has inserted the verses  53:19-22.
Now tell me about Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat,
The third one, another goddess.
What! For you the males and for him the females!
That indeed is an unfair division.
أَفَرَأَيْتُمُ اللَّاتَ وَالْعُزَّى
وَمَنَاةَ الثَّالِثَةَ الْأُخْرَى
أَلَكُمُ الذَّكَرُ وَلَهُ الْأُنثَى
تِلْكَ إِذًا قِسْمَةٌ ضِيزَى. سورة النجم – سورة ‏٥٣: ١٩-٢٢‏
  • 79:30And the earth, moreover, hath He extended to a wide expanse 79:31 He draweth therefrom its moisture and its pasture 79:32 And the mountains has He conveniently fixed for 79:33 For convenience to you and your cattle.
    And :
    • 15.19: And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance.

Naik quotes those above passages to tell us that Allah already knew the scientific truth that was discovered by Edwin Hubble in only in 1929.  Unfortunately, Naik’s contention that the Quran predicted the expansion of the universe 1400 years ago holds no water. Does ‘spread out like a carpet’ or ‘extended’ mean expansion of the universe? The calculated expansion of the universe (meaning several galaxies, not the seven ‘heavens’) has led to the Big Bang Theory. Did the Quran know of the Big Bang when it simply copies Genesis from the Bible to explain creation?

As for positioning of the mountains for ‘balance’, was Allah aware that there are ‘mountains’ apart from the As-Sarawat mountains in the plain deserts of Arabia,  that there are huge mountains in the Himalayas where cattle can barely graze and men find it inconvenient to cross, and are too cold to climb? If mountains are put firmly there to keep ‘balance’, how does the As-Sarawat range of Saudi Arabia (barely more than 10.000 feet) keep balance against the Himalayas that stretch 2,400 kilometres and rise up to 29,000 feet?

  • To prove that the Quran has mentioned that the earth is round, an Islamic sitequotes

‏79:30 والارض بعد ذلك دحاها
‏79:31 اخرج منها ماءها ومرعاها

This is how it is translated by that site:

079:030] He made the earth egg-shaped.
[079:031] From it, He produced its own water and pasture.
The actual statement in the Quran is this:

  • 79. 30.And the Earth, moreover, he has extended as a wide expanse; 79. 31. He draweth therefrom its moisture and its pasture.

The above translation is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, eminent for his expertise in both Arabic and English. The word دحاها (Daha) means wide expanse, not egg-shaped. In answering Christianity, while there is plenty to answer, this Islamic site sought to choose an untenable lie.

By the way, that the universe (not earth) is egg-shaped (Brahmanda– the universe-egg) is to be found in Manusmriti (1.8-9) , the ancient compendium of laws for Hindus. The dome-shaped sky, and no particular divine knowledge could easily have led to that conclusion by a slightly more observant Manu, several centuries before Muhammad, and the author of Quran, allegedly Allah.

  • These following Surah’s in the Quran are claimed to be miraculous findings
    25:53. And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water)*, one palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter, and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them 55:19,20He released the two seas, meeting [side by side]; Between them is a barrier, neither of them transgresses.

There verses are supposed to  mean : Isn’t it God’s miracle if two seas meet with a barrier in between, where one water is sweet and the other one salty?  Some claim that the verses mean the Jordan river, which runs between the sea of Galilee (fresh water) and the Dead Sea (which is salty) which the Prophet could have seen during his caravan rides for trade. That argument is not acceptable to the Quranic devotees, because there’s no miracle in recounting what you see. Would you call a river a “barrier?”

Ardent Muslims would prefer to interpret this verse to mean the Baltic sea and the North sea where the waters don’t seem to mix and there is no way Muhammad could have seen them.

The fact is that the Quran is simply quoting a part of the creative work of Biblical God  where he:

  • Genesis 1.6: 6And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” 1:6: 7 So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so.”

The sweet water comes from above in rain, salty water is in the sea; sky is the barrier. This is one of the many statements and stories that Quran borrowed from the ‘Book’, which Quran praises, but Muslims decry.

  • 65:12God is He who created seven firmament and of the earth of a similar number Through the midst of them all His command: that ye may know that God has power over all things, and that God comprehends all things in his knowledge.

Quran speaks of seven heavens, one on top of the other, and they are firmaments made of firm layers of floors. (God has his throne in heaven on the first layer). Everything is in his knowledge, but He does not seem to know that trillions of worlds which we call galaxies with their own suns, moons, stars and planets exist just beyond what we see.  Also that the “heavens” were fashioned after the creation of the earth . Planets and stars are not counted among the ‘heavens”; the existence of galaxies that house trillions of stars, planets and satellites are not known to the Quran.

  • (2:29)It is He who hath created for you all things that are on earth; moreover His design comprehended the heavens, for He gave order and perfection to the seven firmaments, and of all things He hath perfect knowledge. 41.9.  Say: Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in two days? And do ye join equals with him?. 10. He set on the mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion. 41.11. Moreover he comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been smoke; He said to it and to the earth: Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly. They said: “We do come in willing obedience”.41.12. So he completed them as seven firmaments in two days.

Scientific research teaches us that the earth is only a third of the age of the universe (the heavens) as a whole. Cosmologists calculate with tenable proof that earth is 4.8 Billion years old as against the age of the whole Universe which is some 13.7 Billion years. The age of the universe, by the way, was computed by noting the current rate of expansion and acceleration of the galaxies and working backward in time till  the universe with all its contents becomes a point of incredible mass and heat, with virtually no volume. If you pressurize Zakir Naik, he will no doubt come up with a Quranic verse or two to show that Allah has mentioned the Big Bang 1400 years ago.

  • 13:2“God is He who raised the heavens without a single pillar that ye can see; is firmly established.  13:2  on the throne; He has subjected the sun and the moon; each one runs course according to the term. 13:2 appointed”.Also2:23 “It is He Who made the Earth a couch for you, and also the sky a dome”.

The fact is, the sky-dome is no firmament; it  is an optical illusion. Surely  the sky has the appearance of an inverted bowl , but  it is no solid floor of the heaven where Allah can place his throne and run his paradise with flowing rivers and crystal glasses of wine while big-breasted men, dainty like egg-shells, look on or fresh youthful boys conduct service.

  • 37:6We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty in the stars.

Evidently, Allah does not know that stars are not decorative LED or neon lamps but entities that are comparable in size and mass to the sun – many of them bigger (but within Chandrasekhar limit), a few smaller, and that none of them is in the “lower heaven”. The closest star is some 9.5 trillion (9,500,000,000,000) kilometres away from the earth and from the ‘heaven’ where Allah says He has perched his throne! Several centuries before Quran was dictated, men like Aristotle, Ptolemy and Aryabhata wrote that stars were large celestial beings like the sun. Many Arabic scientists and philosophers knew this when they transferred knowledge between the East and the West,  enhancing it with their own findings. But Quran, dictated by a self-admitted illiterate leader of camel traders, was obviously not aware of such niceties.

  • 42:1 “And among His Signs are the ships, smooth-running through the ocean, as mountains.”

Although Archimedes propounded the laws of flotation, the Prophet had not heard of them. Although a great leader of men, Muhammad was in essence a simple camel rider and trader; when on one of his distant caravan runs he sighted the ships in the sea ‘rising like mountains’ he thought them to be a miracle worthy of mention in his famous book. It is quite obvious that Allah, who dictated the verse through Jabreel (Gabriel), Jabreel himself, and certainly not Muhammad had seen a ship up close.

If Allah was all-knowing, and He instructed Muhammad all that the humankind needed to know, Quran should have contained the basic laws of nature– Gravity, Inertia, electricity and magnetism, possibility of flight of things heavier than air, distant communication, nuclear power (which AQ Khan would not have had to steal from a laboratory in Holland if it was mentioned in the Quran;  Islam would easily have prevented the Americans from becoming an international bully). Instead, Quran concealed many scientific facts known to earlier Arab traders and sailors so as to stay in sync with the Bible which glorifies ignorance by praising a God who tried to prevent  humans from eating  the fruit of knowledge (Genesis II,.17). Quran, incidentally,  does not mention any fruit that one cannot find in the deserts of Arabian Peninsula, nor of any land in Asia, Europe Africa or America, How then is Allah all-knowing? For Quranic heaven, fantasized in the hot and dry desert, a river flowing nearby one’s bed  is the greatest blessing, and God gives it freely to the faithful. Water would be heavenly for you, too, if you were born and brought up in a desert where women gathered around a single well and fought with each other for drawing water for the family and men stood by and begged for a drink.

Isn’t Islam to blame that the only winner of a Nobel prize in science was the universally respected Mohammad Abdus Salam, a great Pakistani patriot who provided the theoretical input for Pakistan’s nuclear development, had to go into exile because his government and the people decided he was not a Muslim?

Hilel Ofek writes:
“ In his 2002 book What Went Wrong?, historian Bernard Lewis notes that “for many centuries the world of Islam was in the forefront of human civilization and achievement.” “Nothing in Europe,” notes Jamil Ragep, a professor of the history of science at the University of Oklahoma, “could hold a candle to what was going on in the Islamic world until about 1600.” Algebra, algorithm, alchemy, alcohol, alkali, nadir, zenith, coffee, and lemon: these words all derive from Arabic, reflecting Islam’s contribution to the West.”
(Reproduced ad-verbatim),

So what went wrong? After the first flush of victory, the so-called companions of the Prophet had stopped spreading lies of what the Prophet had told them in private  – recorded as Hadiths and fatwas (including that he used to have sex between the thighs of his six-year old wife until she menstruated at the age of 9, after which he went on for the normal method). Islam expanded as west as Spain, and gave Christian rulers a lesson or two in tolerance (though the non-believers were made to pay a special tax called Taqiya) and scientific investigations. However, the violence that ensued from the crusades made Muslims bitter; they turned to Quran whose venom against the disbelievers spurred hatred; and the hateful needed not science and literature, but vengeance. Spain in the West was lost, because the Christians of the West had re-established their supremacy in most of Europe; so they turned towards the East and its scattered, caste-ridden serfdoms of the Indian subcontinent. Mullahs and Maulvis, who found a new status in the society decided that scientific inventions were not needed; all that was to be known was known to them because they knew the Quran. 

  • 8:25And fear the Fitnah (affliction and trial, etc.) which affects not in particular  those of you who do wrong and know that Allah is Severe in punishment. 7:96. And if the people of the towns had believed and had the Taqwâ (piety), certainly, We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they belied. So We took them for what they used to earn which affects not in particular those of you who do wrong and know that Allâh is Severe in punishment. 30:41. Evil has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned that Allâh may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return.

God promises that if you show piety and believed and do no wrong (by Islamic rules), then no punishment will fall on you. Yet what we see is that most natural disasters, diseases including HIV (which Muslims are supposed to be protected from by circumcision) fall on those who live in the believers’ lands – Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India ( the third largest abode in the world for Muslims), Pakistan (where Muslims kill Muslims every Friday apart from falling victims to Taliban trained by their government, to deadly and frequent earthquakes, drought and floods), Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen (mostly man-made disasters), Iraq, Syria – not to forget  Mecca where the pious go to fling stones at the Satan but get killed in stampedes. Most ordinary people in Muslim-majority countries suffer from illiteracy, diseases, pestilence, poverty and fatal infighting – Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Muslims of Myanmar, Mali, Northern Nigeria, Niger, the list is long and painful. Innocent Muslims are running away from their hearth and homes and drowning in the sea, living as discards in distant countries where neither their culture nor their language are known, nor welcome. Innocent, decent Muslim ladies and gentlemen have become persona-non-grata in the non-Islamic world, and are often subjected to humiliation and treatment that they don’t deserve. Islamic State, supposed to have been indoctrinated and trained to destroy pagans (‘Kaffirs’ like myself) is destroying Muslims in Iraq and Syria while Talban and Al Qaeda destroys Pakistan and Afghanistan. Boko Haram, who propagate the idea that all knowledge is in the Quran and hence modern education is a sin, kill Muslims and Christians, while also hijacking girls to make them slaves.  During the past decade, Polio has been eradicated from the rest of the world – but innocent Muslim children continue to be victims of the dreaded disease thanks to the Mullahs who suspect polio vaccine will obstruct reproduction. They believe that the best way to spread Islam throughout the world is to procreate hungry, disease-ridden, weaklings brought forth in overcrowded refugee tents.  I don’t deny that some Hindu fanatics, who borrow their decadent ideology from Islam are trying to follow suit, exhorting their followers to produce ten children each.

Obviously Allah and his Book give no respite for the believers in the world while the secular Europeans (after they gave up God and the Bible from the government and public places)  live in peace except when Muslim suicide-squads go and plant bombs in crowded places.

  • 21:33.It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon : all swim along, each in the rounded course.

Allah, who sent this message to mankind through the Prophet was not aware that the sun does not swim along in a rounded course, but the earth does – at an incredible speed of 30 kilometres per second!

  • 18.86.Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water…18.90 Until, when he came to the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom we had provided no protection against the sun.

Naik’s  explanation is that ‘it appeared‘ to them that the sun was setting in murky waters. OK, but where is the place where the sun ‘rises’ over people’s heads? There is no place on earth where you would feel that the sun rises over your head or ’appear to set’ in murky waters. To our eyes, Sunrise and sunset always ‘appear’ to occur at the distant horizon (or beyond a hill), but Allah who dictated the Quran did not know this obvious fact.

  • 23:1The believers must win through…23.5. Those who abstain from sex23:6. Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or the captives whom they own

So Quran permits raping (intercourse without marriage and without winning them through) of slaves or servants. This could have been the norm in the primitive times in most of Arabia and is still happening in Saudi Arabia today, but this permissiveness of forceful mating with slaves and maids without “winning them through” is a grave offence in the civilized world, including many Islamic countries,

  • 18: 110        Say: “I am but a man like yourselves (but) the inspiration has come to me that your Allah is one Allah: whoever expects to meet his Lord let him work righteousness and in the worship of his Lord admit no one as partner.”

Prophet Muhammad has said often that he is an ordinary man except when the words of God descends on him by way of Surah’s although he had seen Allah in his personal image with his own eyes (53: 1-11); Quran demands abject and unquestioning obedience. Yet Muhammad has more than twice defied the penal code prescribed by Quran (4:15 and 24:2) by ordering the killing of a young woman by stoning after she had voluntarily confessed to the act of adultery. The Prophet never enquired who was the partner in the crime, but asked the woman to come back after weaning the baby, then had a pit dug to seat her and ordered her stoning. A close companion of his tried to finish the job by flinging a brick on her, and when blood splashed, cursed her whereupon the Prophet mercifully restrained the man from cursing, but not from stoning. So much for the Prophet’s respect for the message he carried from God.

God had permitted no law for Muslims other than His own law revealed in the Quran, yet when a Muslim and a Jew were found guilty, Muhammad had the Muslim flogged as per Quranic law and beheaded the Jew allegedly as per the Judaic law. The companions of the Prophet hail this delivery of ‘justice’ cleverly using an alien and repugnant law as an example of his judicial wisdom.

  • 37: 40But the sincere servants of the God 37:41. For them is a sustenance determined; 37:42Fruits and honour and dignity; 37:43. In gardens of felicity , 37:44. Facing each other on thrones 37:45 Round will be passed to them a cup from a clear-flowing fountain 37:46. Crystal-white, of a taste delicious to those who drink 37:47. Free from neither headiness, nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom 37:48 And besides them will be chaste women; restraining their glances; with big eyes 37:49 as if they were eggs closely guarded.

Picture your child being taught, under the threat of a bristling cane by a bearded Mullah, to learn these passages by heart. Doesn’t it occur to you that they could as well be describing a decadent party hosted by one of the thousand Saudi princes celebrating the purchase of a Boeing plane for one of his wives who surely would not be among the ‘chaste’ women standing by with restrained glances?

I do not succumb to false propaganda by Christian preachers regarding the alleged pornographic brothels that the Islamic heaven is supposed to be. I shall refrain from quoting Hadith 2687 which promises one of 72 virgins and 8000 slaves, or elaborating Al-Suyuti’s description of the pleasures of eternal erection  and the steamy pleasure thereof, or Sahih al-Bukhari’s description of Houris or special companions with massive breasts and eternal virginity. However, I can quote these Quranic passages without being bashful:

76:15 And among them will be passed round vessels of silver and goblets of crystal – 76:16 Crystal-clear, made of silver, they will determine the measure there of 76:17. And they will be given to drink thereof a cup of wine mixed with ginger 76:18. A fountain there, called Salsabil (seek the way) 76:19 And round about them will serve youths of perpetual freshness – if thou sees them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls 76:20 And when thou lookest, it is there thou will see a Bliss and a Realm Magnificent 76:21 Upon them will be green garments of fine slim and heavy brocade, and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give to them to drink of a wine pure and holy 76:22. Verily, this is a reward for you, and your endeavour is accepted and recognized.

Where would you think such a gay or paedophile (youth – boys – like fresh pearls) party would be happening? Again in as Sheikh prince’s secret hideout? No, but in a Quranic Heaven of which little children – boys and girls – would be forced to recite again and again, swinging their heads to and fro, till they have learnt each licentious verse by heart. Would some of them hope that they would be among the youth like fresh peals to serve wine in crystal glasses to bearded uncles who would appreciate their freshness by fondling them all over?

Brother Taleemat, the quotations I have copied are by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, a Shia (Borah) Muslim, whose translation is recognized and quoted by all denominations (Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Ahmeidya) of Islam. I omitted the explanations that appeared in parenthesis because those were of the translator, not of the Quran. As for finding faults in the Quran that you challenged me to, I could go on and on, but as Quran itself says, no amount of proof will make you accept the truth.

Like all of us, you are the victim of an accident of birth – an accident called religion – and in your case it happens to be Islam. If you were a Hindu, you would challenge me to show a divine philosophy superior to Gita (Click here for my comments on that philosophy), and if you were a Christian, you’d preach the greatness of that most violent books of all – the Bible (Click for some of my views on the Bible).

You have cited the Bhavishya Purana (Epic of the Future), Pratisarg Parv 3; Khand 3; Adhyaai 3; Shlokas 5 to 27. This is a very interesting subject that is often cited by Muslim scholars, no doubt initiated by that manual indexing machine called Zakir Naik. Naik has quoted the verse numbers wrongly, but the verses reasonably (and apparently) truthfully.

In the next part, I propose to deal with it unbiased – for my abhorrence of religious bigotry uniformly spreads on all blind faiths.



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